【Sup! Nagoya!】 Strings Hotel Nagoya is now holding a pink “Princess Afternoon Tea” where you can enjoy sweets full of strawberries!


The Strings Hotel Nagoya will offer a limited-time afternoon tea set “Princess Afternoon Tea ~Strawberry Pink~” from January 15th (Sun) to April 14th (Fri), 2023.

“Princess Afternoon Tea” at The Strings Hotel Nagoya

“Princess Afternoon Tea” where you can enjoy a variety of sweets dyed in various theme colors such as emerald green, purple, and royal blue. This time, which is the latest work, the theme is “Strawberry Pink”. We propose sweets that use plenty of seasonal strawberries in a gorgeous afternoon tea style.

“Princess Afternoon Tea ~Strawberry Pink~”

Enjoy pink strawberry sweets

A classic afternoon tea stand decorated with a pink ribbon is decorated with a variety of strawberry sweets dyed in the theme color pink. You can enjoy a wide variety of menu items such as Verrine decorated with a tiara, lollipop chocolate with a princess silhouette, strawberry-shaped mousse, and heart-shaped amber sugar.

Large windows overlooking the majestic cathedral and high ceilings with glittering chandeliers. How about enjoying the feeling of an elegant princess at tea time in a luxurious space?


Strings Hotel Nagoya “Princess Afternoon Tea ~Strawberry Pink~”

【Serving Period】 January 15 (Sun) – April 14 (Fri), 2023
【Price】 Weekdays 4,125 yen, Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays 4,510 yen
*15% service charge not included.
【Restaurant】 1F / Dining & Cafe “New York Lounge”
【Reservation】 https://www.tablecheck.com/ja/shops/strings-hotel-newyork/
【Official Website】 https://www.strings-hotel.jp/nagoya/recommend/restaurant/newyork/13250.html