【Sup! Nagoya!】 The Japanese Sweets Buffet and Japanese Afternoon Tea are now available at the Nagoya Prince Hotel Sky Tower for a limited time only!


Nagoya Prince Hotel Sky Tower will hold “Japanese Sweets Buffet” and “Japanese Afternoon Tea” from Monday, May 16 to Thursday, July 7, 2022.

Japanese-themed Sweets Buffet and Afternoon Tea

The Nagoya Prince Hotel Sky Tower will hold its first “Japanese” themed sweets buffet and afternoon tea, using Nishio matcha green tea, which has a history of over 700 years, as the key ingredient, and offering a wide variety of carefully selected Japanese sweets.

Japanese Sweets Buffet

The “Japanese Sweets Buffet” will be held in the open Sky Dining on the 31st floor. Enjoy a wide variety of Japanese sweets such as matcha nama dorayaki, matcha chiffon, and matcha rolls. The most recommended item is the “Nishio Matcha Nagopuri Mont Blanc,” which is made to order by the patissier. This seasonal item allows you to enjoy the elegant aroma, mild flavor, and richness of Nishio matcha green tea.

Japanese afternoon tea

Meanwhile, the “Japanese Afternoon Tea” menu offers a variety of sweets with a Japanese flavor, such as an an-butter sandwich and macarons with matcha green tea. The classic afternoon tea scones come in two flavors, hojicha and matcha, and are served with clotted cream, honey, and yuzu, so you can “change the flavor” to your own liking.

The “Nishio Matcha Nagopuri Mont Blanc”, which was the highlight of the Japanese sweets buffet, can also be enjoyed at afternoon tea. With unlimited blended coffee, café latte, tea, and other beverages, you are sure to have a rich tea time.


Nagoya Prince Hotel Sky Tower “Japanese Sweets Fair
【Event Period】 May 16 (Mon) – July 7 (Thu), 2022

■ Japanese Sweets Buffet
【Hour】 11:30~13:00/ 13:30~15:00※2-part system(90min)
【Location】 Nagoya Prince Hotel Sky Tower 31F Sky Dining Tenku
【Price】 Adult 4,500 yen / Elementary school student (7-12 years old) 2,700 yen / Infant (4-6 years old) 1,800 yen
*Early bird rates are available exclusively on the website.
【Reservation】 052-756-3102(9:00~18:00) or Online

■ Japanese Afternoon Tea
【Hour】 15:30-17:00(L.O. 16:30)*Seating ends at 17:00
【Location】 Nagoya Prince Hotel Sky Tower 31F Sky Dining Tenku
【Price】 4,400 yen per person *Additional 10% service charge
*Reservations required by the day before, reservations from 2 people.
【Reservation】 052-756-3102(9:00~18:00) or Online