【Sup! Nara!】All-you-can-eat seasonal fruit buffet at the JW Marriott Hotel Nara is now available for a limited time only!


JW Marriott Hotel Nara is currently holding a “Summer Fruitful Afternoon Buffet” themed on “summer fruits” until September 25 (Sun.), 2022, on Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays only.

Summer Fruitful Afternoon Buffet 6,900 yen

Sweets buffet with the theme of “summer fruits

Summer Fruitful Afternoon Buffet” is a buffet where you can enjoy fresh summer fruits to your heart’s content. You can enjoy a lavish selection of sweets made from fresh fruits imported from Japan and overseas, including tropical fruits such as mangoes and seasonal Japanese fruits.

The buffet table features a variety of gorgeous looking sweets such as melon shortcake, mango pudding, and fruit tarts. There is also a wide selection of fruit-themed non-alcoholic cocktails with more than 20 varieties.

Croffles” baked on the spot are also available.

The live kitchen also offers “Croffle,” a sweet that is a cross between a croissant and a waffle. Freshly baked “croffles” can be topped with your choice of three types of fruit and chocolate toppings.

A wide variety of meal menus

The extensive light meal menu is also noteworthy. In addition to poke bowls, pizzas, and smoked chicken salads, there will also be a meal menu featuring fresh fruit, such as marinated prosciutto ham and fruit.


Summer Fruitful Afternoon Buffet

【Sales Period】 May 14 (Sat) – September 25 (Sun), 2022 *Sat, Sun, Holiday only
【Location】 JW Marriott Hotel Nara Lobby Floor Silk Road Dining
【Address】 1-1-1 Sanjo Oji, Nara City, Nara Prefecture
【Price】 6,900 yen (6-12 years old: 3,450 yen) *Tax and service charge included
【Reservation】 Online or Phone, 0742-36-6000(10:00~19:00)