【Sup! Okinawa!】 Birdcage Tea Stand” Afternoon Tea at Hotel Nikko Alivila is now available for a limited time!


The Okinawa resort hotel Hotel Nikko Alivila will offer afternoon tea to be enjoyed at a tea stand resembling a birdcage from July 1 (Fri.) to October 31 (Mon.), 2022.

Afternoon Tea at the “Birdcage Tea Stand

Alivila Birdcage Afternoon Tea” is an afternoon tea served in an original tea stand that looks like a birdcage. The theme for this year’s tea is “Typhoon,” and the menu features gorgeous-looking sweets inspired by the blessings of rain, wind, clouds, and typhoons.

Sweets with a refreshing summery flavor

The top shelf features sweet and sour sweets perfect for summer, such as the “Cloud Bread Omelette” with strawberry jam, bananas, and whipped cream sandwiched between fluffy baked cloud bread, and “Shikwasa and Pineapple Mousse” as colorful as the sun in the clouds.

A wide variety of baked goods are also available.

The middle tier features a wide variety of baked goods such as chocolate marble cookies, macaroons, and mint-flavored meringues. The scones, a staple of afternoon tea, are recommended to be dipped in red potato jam or pineapple butter.

Savory with Okinawan Vegetables

Also noteworthy are the savory dishes made with a variety of Okinawan ingredients. The “Island Tofu Pitaya Bowl” expresses the ocean and corals with island tofu, dragon fruit puree and granola, and the “Shrimp Tart with Coconut Typhoon” is arranged in a spiral shape to resemble a “cumulonimbus cloud”. The menu lineup includes dishes that take full advantage of the deliciousness of vegetables.


Alivila Birdcage Afternoon Tea “Typhoon

【Sales Period】 July 1 (Fri) – October 31 (Mon), 2022
【Hour】 12:00 – 16:00 *2 hours
【Location】 Hotel Nikko Alivila Lounge “Aria Cara”
【Address】 600 Gima, Yomitan Village, Nakagami-gun, Okinawa, Japan
【Price】 4,500 yen per person *Service charge included
*Free-flow soft drinks and sparkling wine (2 hours) 2,000 yen per person
*Available from 2 persons.
*Business days, hours, and ingredients are subject to change depending on circumstances.
【Reservation】 Online or 098-989-9021
【Official Website】 https://www.alivila.co.jp/