【Sup! Okinawa!】 “TEEDONNE Tsukimi” will be held at Hoshinoya Taketomi Island for a limited time to enjoy the fantastic moon in a private pool with the sound of sanshin (Okinawan traditional instrument)!

Each facility of “Hoshinoya” offers an overwhelmingly extraordinary experience with a creative theme. From September to November 2022, “TEEDONNE Tsukimi (viewing the moon)” will be held at “Hoshinoya Taketomi Island,” a stay-style resort on Taketomi Island, Okinawa Prefecture, on beautiful moonlit nights, where you can spend the long autumn nights in elegance, surrounded by moonlight and nighttime emotions.

TEEDONNE Moon Viewing

“TEEDONNE” means “of Taketomi Island” in dialect. In this program, a swimming pool with a wide view of the night sky is rented out and visitors can enjoy moon viewing on Taketomi Island while listening to the sound of sanshin (Okinawan guitar) under the fantastic moonlight. On the night when the brightness of the moon stands out, you can enjoy sake snacks associated with the island culture and sanshin performances that enhance the atmosphere of moon viewing, and have a relaxing and mature time.


Hoshinoya Taketomi Island is built following the landscape of an island village, and the alleys are covered with coral white sand. At night, moonlight reflects off the white sand, and the brightness of the surroundings appears to increase, so much so that you can feel the power of the moonlight. In Yaeyama, “Jugoya” is an old custom to pray for prosperity of descendants, good harvest, and good health by admiring the beautiful moon of mid-autumn on August 15 of the lunar calendar. The bright and beautiful moon has been sung in traditional folk songs, and people have been fascinated by the moonlight on the island. This program was developed with the hope that people will spend a relaxing time at Hoshinoya Taketomi Island, where there are no outside lights that emit strong light and do not block the natural brightness of nature, and feel the beautiful glow of the moonlight.

Feature 1: Special seats to enjoy the moon slowly

We will prepare special seats at the pool to enjoy the moon in the wide sky at a leisurely pace. The quiet time to watch the moon rise high in the sky with time and the sky patterned by passing clouds will make you forget the hustle and bustle of daily life. Not only can you watch the moon in the night sky, but you can also see the reflection of the moon on the mirror-like surface of the pool. This is a special seat reserved for you to enjoy the beautiful moon of the island to your heart’s content by renting out the pool where you can see a wide view of the sky.

Feature 2: A set of snacks inspired by island culture and “fantastic sake” tsukimi-sake

As an accompaniment to enjoying the moonlit night, snacks shaped like a full moon and sake called “phantom sake” will be served. The small croquettes made with azuki beans and sweet potatoes grown on the premises are inspired by fuchagi (red bean cakes), which are eaten on the island on the occasion of the fifteenth night. In addition, round-shaped pickled yolk that evokes the image of a full moon and zenzai (Japanese red bean soup) will also be served. The sake to be served with the snacks is “IMUGE,” a sweet potato sake revived by a remote island sake brewer after a century since the days of the Ryukyu Dynasty. It is a distilled sake with a subtle sweetness of sweetpotato. Its gentle sweetness not only goes well with snacks made with sweet potatoes and azuki beans, but also makes it an easy-to-drink drink that accompanies a moment of slow admiration of the moon.

Feature 3: Traditional sanshin (Okinawan guitar) performance that adds an island touch to moon viewing

Island performers play the sanshin (Okinawan three-stringed instrument) by the poolside. In honor of the folk song contest held under the moon on the 13th day of the 8th lunar month in Yaeyama, “Toobarama,” a representative song of Yaeyama, known as the island of songs and performing arts, will be sung. The song expresses feelings for one’s lover and hometown, and has been passed down from generation to generation by island singers. You can enjoy the unique moon viewing experience of Taketomi Island while listening to the sanshin (Okinawan traditional three-stringed instrument) and songs echoing softly in the quiet night.


TEEDONNE Moon Viewing

【Period】 September 5-16, October 6-16, and November 2-14, 2022 (excluded dates: September 7-8)
20:30-20:45 Quiet moon viewing to be enjoyed while savoring a set of tsukimi sake
20:45 – 21:15 Enjoy moon viewing while listening to sanshin (three-stringed instrument) performance
【Fee】 50,820 yen per couple (including tax and service charge, excluding room charge)
【Includes】 Private use of the swimming pool (one night), special seats for moon viewing, moon-viewing sake set, sanshin (Okinawan traditional three-stringed instrument) performance
【Capacity】 1 couple per day (1-3 people)
【Reservation】 Official Website
【Note】 The start time may be adjusted around the time of moonrise.

Hoshinoya Taketomijima
【Address】 Taketomi, Taketomi Town, Yaeyama County, Okinawa Prefecture
【Official Website】 https://hoshinoya.com/taketomijima/