【Sup! Osaka!】 Shaved Ice at Hanshin Umeda Flagship Store! Let’s go here this weekend!


Shokusai Terrace on the 1st floor of Hanshin Umeda Main Store in Osaka is holding a shaved ice event called “Hanshin’s “Ichi-Oshi” Shaved Ice, a summer tradition. The event will be held from July 13 (Wed.) to 18 (Mon.), 2022.

Nine of the “best” shaved ice stores gathered!

Hanshin’s “Best Shaved Ice”, a summer tradition, brings together nine of the best shaved ice stores. The lineup includes shaved ice with a rich individuality, from traditional Japanese-style sweetness to parfait-like “eye-catching” presentation, as well as shaved ice made with fruits and natural water.

Right) Shaved ice on natural ice Himeji Kanpeido: Green tea strawberry millefeuille 1,430 yen
Available from Wednesday, July 13 to Friday, July 15

Shaved ice with a “bear” motif made by a rice cracker shop

Of particular note is the “Harima Shirokuma Ice,” shaved ice with the image of a cute bear created by TAKAMIOKAKI, a rice cracker shop in Nishiwaki, Hyogo Prefecture. The ears and head are made of “hand-roasted okaki” and decorated with Dainagon azuki beans, homemade milk syrup, local fruits, edible flowers, and more.

<TAKAMIOKAKI> Harima Shirokuma Ice Special by Rice cracker: 1 piece, 1,400 yen Number of ice cubes to be sold each day: 30 Available from Saturday, July 16 to Monday, July 18 (national holiday)

Fluffy” shaved ice by a pioneer of shaved ice machines

Also check out the shaved ice at Fukiage no Mori by Ikenaga Tekko, a pioneer in shaved ice machines, which is made from pure ice frozen for 72 hours and shaved thin to give it a “fluffy” texture. Flavors include raspberry & strawberry miruku and lemon curd & orange yogurt, all served with a bee cookie.

<Fukiage no Mori> Raspberry & Strawberry Milk 1 piece, 1,100 yen Available from July 16 (Sat) to 18 (Mon)

Kagoshima’s famous “Polar Bear”

In addition, you can enjoy “Baby Shirakuma” by “Temmonkan Mujaki,” the birthplace of “Shirakuma,” a summer tradition in Kagoshima, and “Green Tea Milk Ice” made by “Ochanoko,” a tea specialty store in Nara. and “green tea milk ice” made by Nara’s tea shop “Ochanoko.

<Tenmonkan Mujaki> Baby polar bear 1 piece, 605 yen


A summer tradition: Hanshin’s “Ichi-Oshi” shaved ice

【Event Period】 July 13 (Wed) – 18 (Mon, Holiday), 2022
【Location】 Hanshin Umeda Main Store, 1st floor, Shokusai Terrace
【Address】 1-13-13 Umeda, Kita-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka
【Official Website】 https://web.hh-online.jp/hanshin/contents/str/20220713.html