【Sup! Osaka! Kobe! Fukuoka!】 Taiwanese sponge cake specialty store Pom-Pom has released a new sponge cake that combines Hokkaido butter and sweet bean butter!


Pom-Pom, a Taiwanese sponge cake specialty store, began selling its new “An Butter Pom-Pom” at its Namba City and Kuzuha Mall stores in Osaka, EKIZO Kobe Sannomiya store in Kobe, and Solaria Tenjin store in Fukuoka on June 24, 2022 (Friday).

New “soft and fluffy” Taiwanese sponge cake with red bean butter

Pom-Pom, meaning “fluffy and soft,” sells Taiwanese sponge cake, known in Taiwan as “sien-roast cake” (現烤蛋糕).

The rich meringue is softly aerated and baked slowly for 90 minutes to achieve both the rich “egginess” of sponge cake and the “soft and fluffy” texture of chiffon cake. Although the sponge cake is large enough to fill both hands, it is as light and gentle on the palate as a cloud, making it a “magical sponge cake” that can be eaten as much as one wants.

Sandwich with Hokkaido butter and grains of sweet bean paste

The new “An Butter Pom-Pom” is a seasonal sweet made with such a fluffy Taiwanese sponge cake sandwiched between Hokkaido butter and grains of red bean paste. The richness of the butter enhances the flavor of the bean paste. The lineup also includes “An Butter Cream Pom-Pom,” which is filled with fresh cream in addition to an-butter.


Taiwanese sponge cake, Pom-Pom “An Butter Pom Pom”.

【Release Date】 June 24 (Fri), 2022
【Store】 Pom-Pom sponge cake specialty stores: Namba City main store, Kuzuha Mall store, EKIZO Kobe Sannomiya store, Solaria Tenjin store
・An Butter Pom-Pom: 950 yen
・An Butter Cream Pom-Pom 1,080 yen
【Official Website】 https://www.opefac.com/takeout-or-ec/pongpong/