【Sup! Saitama!】 “Chinese Bun Expo 2023” is being held in Saitama Prefecture, where more than 100 kinds of steamed buns using branded beef and local specialties are gathered!


“Chinese Bun Expo 2023” is being held at Aeon Lake Town in Koshigaya, Saitama from February 3rd (Friday) to 14th (Tuesday), 2023! If you live in Saitama or are visiting Saitama, please visit!

Chinese buns from all over Japan gather at the “Chinese Bun Expo”

Based on the concept of “local gourmet food that can be eaten with one hand,” the “Chinese Bun Expo” is a gourmet event where you can eat only local Chinese buns. During the period, you can eat and compare the tastes of each region with a wide variety of products, from famous local specialties from all over the country to various Chinese steamed buns.

There are more than 100 types of lineup, from the store that first appeared at the event to “unique buns”

The lineup includes more than 100 types of Chinese buns selected for each theme, such as “brand meat”, “three major wagyu beef”, “three major Chinatown”, “local ingredients”, and “meat buns and pork buns from famous local stores”. Of particular note are the two stores that will be opening for the first time this time. “Etchuman” in Toyama Prefecture prepares luxurious Chinese buns that sublimate seafood such as “white shrimp” called “Toyama’s jewel” and yellowtail into Chinese buns.

Etchu white shrimp steamed bun (spicy white shrimp chili oil)

In addition, “Yoshiyasu Butaman” from Kushiro, Hokkaido uses plenty of Hokkaido ingredients such as Genghis Khan and cheese. “Akkeshi Oyster Curry Bun”, which uses thick oysters from “Akkeshi”, one of Japan’s leading oyster producing areas, is a premium item limited to 50 servings per day.

Akkeshi Oyster Curry Bun *Limited to 50 servings per day

In addition, there are many interesting Chinese buns such as those using Kobe beef, Matsusaka beef, and Omi beef, as well as unique Chinese buns such as “Monjaman”, “Denimman”, and “Ganso Pandaman”.


“Chinese Bun Expo 2023 in Aeon Lake Town”

【Sales Period】 February 3 (Friday) to 14 (Tuesday), 2023 11:00-18:00
【Location】 Aeon Lake Town mori 1F Fountain Square *Outdoor rain or shine
【Address】 3-1-1 Lake Town, Koshigaya City, Saitama Prefecture
【Official Website】 https://j-gourmet.jp/cmh/