【Sup! Shizuoka!】 Hoshinoya Fuji is offering a limited “Moonlight Glamping” plan to enjoy the autumn moonlit nights!

Japan’s first glamping resort, Hoshinoya Fuji, will hold “Moonlight Glamping,” a limited plan to enjoy fantastic moonlight, from September 1 (Thursday) to October 10 (Monday), 2022, on crescent to full moon days only.

Hoshinoya Fuji” “Moonlight Glamping” to enjoy the autumn moonlit nights

Hoshinoya Fuji is nestled in a tranquil forest at the northern foothills of nature-rich Fuji, where the scent of the trees freshens your nose. The “Moonlight Glamping” plan, planned for the autumn season when the air is clear and the weather is pleasant, allows you to enjoy an elegant moonlit evening under the fantastic moonlight, with activities to enjoy the moon, spectacular views, and meals that only a glamping resort can offer.

“Moonlight Dinner”

Moon-waiting tea time” in an aerial tent

What awaits guests after check-in is a “moon-waiting tea time” held in a space surrounded by the forest. In the comfortable, floating aerial tent, guests first sip a cup of herbal tea blended by combining the phases of the moon with the body’s rhythms. Visitors can enjoy reading a book about the moon and gazing at the sky while relaxing and enjoying the time before admiring the moon.

“Tea Time Waiting for the Moon”

Moonlight Dinner” to be enjoyed under the moonlight

Before the full-blown moon viewing, enjoy dinner on the terrace of the cabin with a spectacular view of the moonlight and Lake Kawaguchi in front of you. You can enjoy local Yamanashi delicacies such as appetizers combining five grains harvested in autumn with local Yamanashi cuisine and ingredients, and main course of roast beef on rice cooked in a Dutch oven with matsutake mushrooms and ginkgo nuts, topped with dashi (Japanese soup stock).

The wine to match the dishes is “Gekka (Under the moon) Chardonnay” from Mie Ikeno, a winery in Yatsugatake. This special wine is made only from Chardonnay grapes harvested at night when the moonlight illuminates the vineyards.

“Moonlight Dinner”

Moonlight Canoeing” with the moon on the lake

After dinner, when the moon is high in the sky, experience canoeing at night on the calm surface of Kawaguchi Lake. You can enjoy an elegant time on the moonlit lake, sipping an after-dinner drink selected by a sommelier, while gazing at the moon in the night sky and the night Fuji illuminated by the moon.

“Moonlight Canoeing.”


Gekko (Moon Light) Glamping

【Period】 Thursday, September 1 – Monday, October 10, 2022
【Hotel】 Hoshinoya Fuji
【Capacity】 Limited to 1 couple per day (2 people only)
【Eligible guests】 Guests over 20 years old
【Fee】 53,250 yen per person (including service charge) *Excluding accommodation.
【Reservation】 https://hoshinoya.com/fuji/
*Reservations accepted up to two weeks in advance.