【Sup! Shizuoka!】 Shaved ice from all over Japan, including tanuki-shaped tree strawberry ice, is now being served at the “Shaved Ice Koshien 2022” in Hamamatsu!


The gourmet event “Nicoe Shaved Ice Koshien 2022” is being held at Hamakita Sweets Community Nicoe in Shizuoka Prefecture from July 6 (Wed) to September 11 (Sun), 2022.

Chilly shaved ice of “specialties” from all over Japan

The fifth annual “Nicoe Shaved Ice Koshien 2022” is a gourmet event where visitors can enjoy shaved ice made from “specialties” from all over Japan. Starting with Shizuoka Prefecture, the home prefecture of the event, and including Hokkaido and Kyoto, shaved ice is made from “delicious specialties” found in various regions of Japan. This year, a total of 15 items, including new and renewed items, will be available, and the menu will change weekly.

Chiba, Manpuku shaved ice with mitarashi dumplings in soy sauce from a wooden barrel: 900 yen

The best of all is the new “Iwata Kirapika Strawberry Garden Tailoring” from Shizuoka. The strawberry “Kirapika” born in Shizuoka Prefecture is used to create a fruity flavor. The top is decorated with sliced strawberries and flowers for a gorgeous appearance.

Iwata Kirapika Strawberry Garden Tailoring 1,000 yen

Also from Shiga Prefecture comes “Shiga no kiichigo kyunto kawaii Shigaraki tanuki,” a shaved ice using berries. This is a fruit-flavored shaved ice using “Oumi Kiichigo,” a new variety of strawberry that is brightly colored, and is decorated in a cute tanuki-like style.

Cute Shigaraki tanuki (raccoon dog): 1,000 yen

The lineup also includes Iwate Prefecture’s parfait-style shaved ice “Iwate Esashi no Zetsu Yaki-Ringo Mamire” and Aichi Prefecture’s “Nagoya Cochin Thick Custard Pudding” featuring bird-shaped baked sweets.

Nagoya Cochin Thick Custard Pudding 900 yen


The 5th Nicoe Shaved Ice Koshien 2022

【Sales Period】 July 6 (Wed) – September 11 (Sun), 2022 10:00 – 18:00
【Close】 Every Monday and Tuesday *Both Mondays and Tuesdays are open during the second/third week of August.
【Location】 Special venue in Hamakita Sweets Community Nikoe
【Address】 6-7-11 Somechidai, Hamakita-ku, Hamamatsu City, Shizuoka Prefecture
【Official Website】 https://www.nicoe.jp/ice47/