【Sup! Shizuoka!】 The Atami Marine Fireworks Festival 2022 will be held throughout the year! The first one will be held tomorrow, on the 21st!

The Atami Marine Fireworks Festival is scheduled to be held in Atami Bay on May 21 (Sat), July 29 (Fri), August 5 (Fri), 8 (Mon), 18 (Thu), 21 (Sun), 26 (Fri) and other days in 2022.

Atami’s famous event “Atami Marine Fireworks Festival”.

The Atami Marine Fireworks Festival is a historical fireworks display that began in 1952. It is a well-known event in Atami, held more than 10 times not only in summer but also throughout the year.

Powerful acoustics

The venue is Atami Bay, which is surrounded by mountains on three sides and has a “mortar-like” topography. The sound of fireworks over the ocean reverberates off the mountains, allowing visitors to enjoy the acoustics as if they were watching fireworks in a large stadium.

Finale: “Niagara in the Sky

In addition to the fireworks spreading across the night sky, visitors can also enjoy fireworks reflected on the surface of the water. For the finale, you can enjoy the “Niagara in the sky,” which is so powerful that you will forget to blink.


Atami Marine Fireworks Festival

【Date】 May 21 (Sat), July 29 (Fri), August 5 (Fri), August 8 (Mon), 18 (Thu), 21 (Sun), 26 (Fri), September 19 (Mon), November 5 (Sat), December 4 (Sun), 18 (Sun), 2022
May, September, November, December 20:20-20:40
July & August 20:20-20:45
【Location】 Atami Bay (submarine)
【Viewing Location】 Sun Beach Beach to Atami Port and other areas along the coastline
*The event will be held even if it rains.
【Inquiries】 0557-85-2222