【Sup! Shizuoka!】 The longest pedestrian suspension bridge in Japan, Mishima Skywalk, is currently holding the “Hydrangea Festival”!

Mishima Skywalk in Shizuoka Prefecture is currently holding the “Hydrangea Festival” from Saturday, June 11 to Friday, July 15, 2022.

Hydrangea Festival” to be enjoyed on the longest pedestrian suspension bridge in Japan

Fuji, Suruga Bay, and the mountains of Izu from the top of the longest pedestrian suspension bridge in Japan, which is 400 meters long. Beyond the suspension bridge is a 7,000 m2 hydrangea trail with approximately 13,000 hydrangea plants in bloom, and is also known as a famous hydrangea viewing spot.

From mid-June to early July, when hydrangeas are at their best, Mishima Skywalk holds the “Hydrangea Festival”. During the festival, as many as 13,000 hydrangeas of 205 varieties will be in full bloom, and precious varieties of hydrangeas such as “Summer Sky”, “Skywalk”, and “Haou”, which can only be seen at Mishima Skywalk, will bloom their pale flowers.

Hydrangea sweets & grad color drinks are also available.

In addition, the “Forest Kitchen” and “Picnic Café” in Mishima Skywalk offer delicious menus featuring hydrangeas for a limited time only.

Forest Kitchen “Hydrangea Pancake” 1,100 yen

The Mori no Kitchen will offer “Hydrangea Pancakes” with hibiscus cream and hydrangeas, and the Picnic Café will offer “Hydrangea Sundaes with Amber Sugar” with crispy waffles, vanilla ice cream, and amber sugar on top.

In addition, Skywalk Coffee offers “Hydrangea Purple Float,” a drink with a gradation of hydrangea colors. Enjoying the hydrangea menu, which will satisfy both your stomach and your mind, will be a memorable part of your trip.


Mishima Skywalk “Hydrangea Festival

【Event Period】 June 11 (Sat) – July 15 (Fri), 2022
【Address】 313 Sasahara Shinden, Mishima City, Shizuoka Prefecture
【Admission Fee】 Adults 1,100 yen, Junior and senior high school students 500 yen, Elementary school students 200 yen *Free for infants.
【Hour】 9:00-17:00 *Subject to change depending on events and weather.
【Closed】 Open all year round

[limited-time menu]
【Sales Period】 June 11 (Sat) – July 15 (Fri), 2022
・Forest Kitchen “Hydrangea Pancake” 1,100 yen
・Picnic Cafe “Hydrangea Sundae with Amber Sugar” 500 yen
・Skywalk Coffee “Hydrangea Purple Float” 500 yen