【Sup! Tohoku!】 LAWSON “Zunda Saryo” supervised sweets, “Zunda An” Roll Cake and Warabimochi, limited to Tohoku area, are now on sale!


LAWSON began selling sweets supervised by Zunda Saryo, a Zunda sweets specialty store, exclusively at LAWSON stores in the Tohoku area on July 26, 2022 (Tuesday). It’s only available in the Tohoku region, so if you’re traveling that way, look for it and try it!

*Zunda is a green paste made by mashing edamame (immature soybeans) or fava beans.

Second batch of sweets supervised by Kasho Sanzen “Zunda Saryo

Lawson released the second collaboration of Zunda Saryo, a popular Zunda sweets specialty store in Miyagi Prefecture, Kasho Sanzen.

The centerpiece is the “Zunda Roll Cake,” a limited edition of the popular LAWSON Uchicafé sweet. Fresh cream blended with Zunda-an (sweet red bean paste) is softly wrapped in moist roll cake dough. The Zunda red bean paste used contains more than 40% edamame beans, which gives it a pleasant flavor and a grainy texture. The roll cake batter itself is also made with Zunda-an.

“Zunda Roll Cake” 260 yen

For a more direct taste of Zunda-an, we recommend the Zunda Warabimochi. The soft and slightly sweet warabimochi is topped with Zunda-an, a sweet bean paste that gives the taste of grains.

Both products use dacha beans produced in Yamagata Prefecture as part of the edamame (green soybeans).

“Zunda Warabimochi” 238 yen


LAWSON Confectionery Sanzen “Zunda Saryo” supervised sweets Vol. 2

【Release Date】 Tuesday, July 26 2022
【Store】 LAWSON stores in Tohoku areaa
【Zunda Saryo’s Official Website】 https://zundasaryo.com/
【Sanzen’s Official Website】 https://www.sanzen.co.jp/
【Official Website】 https://www.lawson.co.jp/lab/tsuushin/art/1455229_4659.html