【Sup! Tokyo!】 At Hotel Intercontinental Tokyo Bay, gourmet & sweets where you can enjoy carefully selected cheese, cheese buffet is being held!


At the Hotel Intercontinental Tokyo Bay, a limited-time buffet “World Cheese Buffet” specializing in cheese is being held from January 10 (Tuesday) to March 7 (Tuesday), 2023.

Hotel Intercontinental Tokyo Bay Cheese Buffet

Hotel InterContinental Tokyo Bay proposes buffets with the theme of various ingredients according to the changing seasons. At the “World Cheese Buffet” this time, you can enjoy cheese gourmet with plenty of carefully selected cheeses from all over the world to your heart’s content.

Enjoy carefully selected cheeses from all over the world

The buffet table is decorated with a variety of menus that bring out the deliciousness of cheese using various methods. You can enjoy cheeses from around the world through a variety of menus, such as lasagna with plenty of cheese, seafood and cheese ajillo, thick-sliced bacon and raclette cheese galette, and baked risotto finished in a cheese case.

A full lineup of salads and appetizers that make the main dish even more delicious. Five kinds of salads using cheese and colorful vegetables, mascarpone blancmange with smoked salmon, colorful herbs and cream cheese terrine, etc., are the chef’s carefully arranged menus that you can’t usually enjoy.

Sweets are also full of cheese

Of course, the sweets that are indispensable to the end of the buffet are full of cheese. In addition to the popular menu item “Freshly squeezed Mont Blanc”, which is made by squeezing the adult-flavored cheese cream Mont Blanc right in front of you, you can also enjoy strawberry mousse, roll cake, mille crepes, baked cheesecake, and other seasonal strawberries and cheese. menu.

Freshly squeezed cream cheese mont blanc


“World Cheese Buffet”

【Sales Period】 January 10 (Tue) – March 7 (Tue), 2023
【Restaurant】 Chef’s Live Kitchen/Hotel Intercontinental Tokyo Bay 3F
■ Lunch buffet (11:00-14:30)
[Weekdays] Adults 4,620 yen, Children 2,200 yen / [Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays] Adults 5,170 yen, Children 2,530 yen
■ Dinner buffet (17:30-22:00)
[Weekdays] Adults 5,940 yen, Children 3,190 yen / [Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays] Adults 6,820 yen, Children 3,520 yen
*15% service charge not included.
*Last order is 15 minutes before each closing time.
*For the time being, shortened business hours. Please check with the store for detailed business hours.【Reservation】 0570-000-222 or Online
【Official Website】 https://www.interconti-tokyo.com/restaurant/chefs-live-kitchen/plan/dessert-lightmeal-cheesefair.html