【Sup! Tokyo!】 Four Seasons Hotel Tokyo Otemachi is now offering Afternoon Tea with Shine Muscat & Autumn Fruits.


Four Seasons Hotel Tokyo Otemachi will offer “Shine Muscat Afternoon Tea” at “THE LOUNGE” on the 39th floor from September 1 (Thursday) to November 30 (Wednesday), 2022.

Autumn Afternoon Tea featuring “Shine Muscat”

The afternoon tea features lush muscats, which are in season through the fall, and an abundance of autumn fruits.

Seven different kinds of sweets are available to enjoy the rich flavors of autumn, including shortcakes and tarts made with Cheyenne Muscat, cakes with refreshing cassis chocolate and raspberry mousse, Mont Blanc, and sweets made with walnuts and pears.

Also featured are savories that skillfully interweave “Japanese” and “Western” ingredients. The savory dishes are also packed with the flavors of the fall season, such as pumpkin, pineapple, salmon, and more. Along with a choice of Japanese tea, black tea, herbal tea, and other beverages, guests can enjoy a luxurious tea time.

Seasonal Parfait” with Shine Muscat and Kyoho grapes

In addition to afternoon tea, “THE LOUNGE” is offering “Shine Muscat Parfait” during the month of September. This parfait allows you to taste at once the refined aroma and sweetness of the charming Cheyenne muscat and the grape, which can be eaten with its skin intact. The glass is layered with 10 layers of ingredients, each with a light flavor that allows the taste buds to enjoy the harmony of each layer without getting tired of it. The colorful and elegant visuals of the parfait are also noteworthy.

In October and November, “Mont Blanc Parfait” will be offered as a seasonal parfait.

Mini-Afternoon Tea” with free-flowing sparkling wine is also available.

In addition, a “Mini Afternoon Tea” to be enjoyed in conjunction with free-flowing sparkling wine for the evening is also available. The lineup includes a truffle show floor of richly flavored duck breast, savory Gorgonzola with Cheyenne muscat, rich Mont Blanc, and Cheyenne muscat tart, all of which go perfectly with the sparkling wine.


Shine Muscat Afternoon Tea

【Period】 Thursday, September 1, 2022 – Wednesday, November 30, 2022
【Hour】 11:00~13:00/13:30~15:30/16:00~18:00
*3-part system, L.O. for drinks 30 minutes before closing time
【Location】 Four Seasons Hotel Tokyo Otemachi, 39th floor “THE LOUNGE”
【Address】 1-2-1 Otemachi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
【Fee】 8,800 yen
【Includes】 7 kinds of sweets, 5 kinds of savory, 2 kinds of scones, drinks (2 kinds of Japanese tea, 4 kinds of black tea, 3 kinds of herb tea, 6 kinds of coffee, 3 kinds of seasonal iced tea)

■ Seasonal parfait
【Release date/type】 September 2022 / Shine Muscat parfait
October/November 2022 / Mont Blanc Parfait
【Price】 3,300 yen

■ Mini afternoon tea
【Price】 6,000 yen
【Includes】 6 kinds of mini afternoon tea (3 kinds of sweets, 3 kinds of savories), free-flowing sparkling wine
*5,000 yen for mini afternoon tea only (no free flow)

【Reservation】 03-6810-0655 or Online
【Official Website】https://www.fourseasons.com/jp/otemachi/