【Sup! Tokyo!】 GOLDWIN PLAY EARTH PARK, featuring collaborative items such as The North Face and Pokemon, will be held at the Midtown Lawn in Roppongi, Tokyo!

Goldwin will hold the “GOLDWIN PLAY EARTH PARK” event at the Tokyo Midtown lawn in Roppongi from April 23 (Sat) to May 29 (Sun), 2022.

Creating a new place to play based on the themes of earth, water, fire, wind, and sky

Goldwin Play Earth Park” is an event that creates new “play” based on the concept of “playing with the earth. Five architects have created playground equipment under the theme of the five elements that make up the earth: earth, water, fire, wind, and sky, creating a place to stimulate children’s curiosity.

Five brands including The North Face sell collaborative items

At Goldwin Play Earth Park, five brands, THE NORTH FACE, SPEEDO, HELLY HANSEN, Goldwin and CANTERBURY, will be participating in the “Earth,” “Water,” “Fire,” “Wind,” and “Earth,” “Water,” “Fire,” “Wind,” and “Earth,” “Water,” “Fire,” “Wind,” and “Earth,” and will be offering a wide range of products from the worlds of the North Face, SPEEDO, HELLY HANSEN, Goldwin and CANTERBURY. The theme of the collaboration is “sky”. The items will be sold at the limited-time store in the venue.

Earth: The North Face x Pokemon

The North Face has raffled off kids’ items in collaboration with Pokémon under the theme of “Earth (EARTH). The active kids’ jackets in black and yellow are printed with images of Pokémon living with nature. It comes with a ball-shaped sack inspired by a “monster ball.

In addition, a lineup of hats for kids is also available. Both items are made of recycled nylon.

Water: Speedo x Fumito Ganryu

Speedo and FUMITO GANRYU have teamed up to create a kids’ size rain poncho based on the concept of “WATER. Each piece is a “one-of-a-kind” product with a different look and feel. While maintaining the functionality of the original swimwear, the adhesive surfaces have been made as flat as possible, and seam-sealing has been applied to enhance the waterproofing properties.

Wind: Helly Hansen x Mina Perhonen

Helly Hansen collaborated with minä perhonen on the theme of “wind. The sails of yachts that have outlived their usefulness are collected and upcycled, and combined with the scraps left over from minä perhonen’s production process to create tote bags and pochettes. The marks of age on the sailcloth are left on the products to give them a rich, expressive texture.

Fire: Canterbury x Anrealage

The collaboration between rugby brand CANTERBURY and ANREALAGE has produced a shirt in the shape of a “rugby ball. Based on Canterbury’s representative rugby jersey, it is finished in a unique and three-dimensional silhouette unique to ANREALAGE. The numbers are printed with a special print that reacts to sunlight and changes color like flames, creating an image of “fire. In addition to adult sizes, the jersey is available in three sizes for kids and youth.

Sky: Goldwin & Daichiro Shinjo

Goldwin has been asking the question, “What is the sky?” The “What is the best way to make a living? The new T-shirts and jackets are boldly decorated with “calligraphy” graphics that allow each person to imagine the sky in his or her own way.


Goldwin Play Earth Park

【Event Period】 April 23 (Sat) – May 29 (Sun), 2022
【Location】 Tokyo Midtown Lawn
【Address】 9-7-1 Akasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo
【Hour】 11:00 – 18:00

■”Earth” The North Face x Pokemon April 22 (Fri.) – Lottery sales
【Lottery application period】 April 23 (Sat) 11:00 – 25 (Mon) 21:00, 2022
【Lottery details URL】 https://select.goldwin.co.jp/POKEMON
*One ball-shaped sack is included with each product.
*The color of the ball sack is random and cannot be selected.