【Sup! Tokyo!】 “Happoen” in Shirokanedai, Tokyo, will be illuminated in “blue”! A sake bar will also be open.

The winter event “TOKYO BLUE GARDEN WINTER FESTIVAL 2023” will be held at Happoen from January 7 (Sat) to February 12 (Sun), 2023. Admission is free.

Happo-en Garden will be illuminated in a “blue” color.

The “TOKYO BLUE GARDEN WINTER FESTIVAL 2023” is an event in which the Japanese garden at the historic Happoen will be illuminated in a “blue” color. During the event, the garden will be bathed in a blue light that evokes the image of clear winter air and ice, creating a fantastic winter scene in Happoen.

Limited time only bar “Shirogane Yokocho” is now available.

During the “TOKYO BLUE GARDEN WINTER FESTIVAL 2023,” the pop-up bar “Shirogane Yokocho” will be open on weekends only.

The bar will offer a variety of drinks, including Japanese sake and original “blue” cocktails, as well as warm food such as “Shirogane Oden,” which is perfect for the cold winter months.

High tea plan to enjoy in winter is also available.

In addition, Slush Cafe, Happoen’s French restaurant, is offering a special high tea plan, “Shirokane Aperitif Night. Guests can enjoy a free flow of about 20 kinds of drinks, including champagne, and taste the chef’s exquisite cuisine. Why not enjoy an elegant moment after taking a stroll in the winter garden?

Shirokane Aperitif Night” 8,500 yen per person *Service charge included



【Event Period】 Saturday, January 7 – Sunday, February 12, 2023
【Venue】 Happo-en
【Address】 1-1-1, Shirokanedai 1-chome, Minato-ku, Tokyo

■ Garden Lighting Up
【Event Period】 January 7 (Sat) – February 12 (Sun)
【Hour】 Sunset to around 21:00
【Admission Fee】 Free

■ Pop-up bar “Shirogane Yokocho”
【Event Date】 January 13 (Fri.)-15 (Sun.), January 20 (Fri.)-22 (Sun.), January 27 (Fri.)-29 (Sun.)
February 3 (Fri.)-5 (Sun.), February 10 (Fri.)-12 (Sun.)
【Venue】 Happoen B1F Chapel Waiting Room Lobby
【Hour】 16:00~20:30(L.O.20:15)
【Price】 Drinks from 500 yen per drink *Various alcohol and soft drinks

■ Slush Cafe “Shirogane Aperitif Night”
【Event Date】 January 13 (Fri.) – February 12 (Sun.) *Only on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays
*Reservations required (by the day before)
【Hour】 16:00~/16:30~/17:00~(19:00 close) *2 hours
【Price】 8,500 yen per person *Service charge included
*Available from 2 persons
*There is a seat charge (500 yen) for terrace seating.

【Official Website】 https://www.happo-en.com/event/tokyo-bluegarden_2023/