【Sup! Tokyo!】 Harry Potter Cafe is opening in Akasaka!


Harry Potter Cafe will open on the first floor of Akasaka Biz Tower on June 16, 2022 (Thu) for a pre-opening and on July 8 (Fri) for a grand opening.

Harry Potter Cafe in Akasaka, Tokyo area!

Harry Potter Cafe” will appear at Akasaka Biz Tower in conjunction with the opening of the “Harry Potter” Wizarding World world in the Akasaka area for a limited time. The café will be a place where people can share their love and memories of the “Harry Potter” stories, and a store space inspired by the fantastic world of the “Harry Potter” Wizarding World will be developed.

Fantastic menu lineup

Food Menu

The café offers a variety of fantastic menu items that look as if they were made with magic, including “Cheese Toasties” and “Stews” featuring the four dormitories of “Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry” in the story, Griffindor, Slytherin, Hufflepuff, and Ravenclaw, as well as “Cauldron Stewed Soup” and “Dragon’s Breath Roast Beef”.

4 dormitory stews, all 4 kinds, 1,650 yen each
WIZARDING WORLD characters, names, and related indicia are © & TM Warner Bros.
Entertainment Inc. Publishing Rights © JKR. (s22)

Sweets & non-alcoholic cocktails, etc.

The lineup of sweets recommended for café time includes cakes featuring the adorable owl “Hedwig” and the lair of the giant spider “Aragog”.

The colorful non-alcoholic cocktails with a “magic” theme, such as the “Expecto Patronum” and the “Wingardiam Leviosa,” are also not to be missed.

Luxurious course menus are also available.

In addition, a course menu is now available that includes appetizers, entrees, and desserts. The menu includes a spiced green salad, food with a “9 and 3/4” motif, a main dish such as roast beef, and a dessert with a mysterious appearance named “Aragog’s Lair,” allowing diners to enjoy a full lineup at once.

Original goods now available!

In addition to the café menu, original café goods are also available, including plates with designs of the four dormitories, white cloud stone coasters, luncheon mats reminiscent of the fantastic atmosphere of “Harry Potter,” and glass mugs.


Harry Potter Cafe

【Pre-Opening】 June 16 (Thu), 2022
*During the pre-opening period, June 16 (Thu) to July 7 (Thu), the restaurant will be open on a shortened schedule and only some menu items will be available.
【Grand-Opening】 July 8 (Fri), 2022
【Location】 Akasaka Biz Tower, 1F (5-3-1 Akasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo)
[Pre-opening hours]
Weekdays: Cafe 11:00-14:30, Dinner 17:00-21:30, To-Go 11:00-14:30 / 17:00-21:30
Saturday and Sunday: Cafe 11:00-17:00, Dinner 17:00-21:30, To-Go 11:00-21:30
[Grand opening hours]
Cafe 11:00-17:00, Dinner 17:00-23:00, To-Go 11:00-23:00
*Last order is 30 minutes before each business hour.
*For more information on hours of operation, please visit the official website.

■ Reservation Detail
*From June 16 (Thu) to July 31 (Sun), by appointment only.
・Reservations for June 16 (Thu.) through July 7 (Thu.): Starting from 13:00 on May 26 (Thu.)
・Reservations from July 8 (Fri.) to August 31 (Wed.): Starting from 11:00 a.m. on June 16 (Thu.)
*Reservations after September 1 (Thursday) will be announced later on the official cafe website.