【Sup! Tokyo!】 Hilton Tokyo “Afternoon Tea-Style” Chinese Dinner: Peking Duck with Caviar & Fantastic Jinhua Pork!


Hilton Tokyo is offering “Chinois Lune,” a Chinese dinner to be enjoyed in afternoon tea style, from November 1 (Tuesday) to December 22 (Thursday), 2022, at the 2nd floor Chinese restaurant “Dynasty” on weekdays only.

Authentic Chinese cuisine with colorful decorations for the “full moon”

Chinois Lune, named after the French word for moon (lune), is a dinner plan that allows you to enjoy a variety of dishes in small portions. In addition to appetizers served in a tea stand with a round shape like a “full moon” shining in the night sky, guests can enjoy authentic Chinese cuisine with abundant use of abalone, Jinhua pork, Peking duck, and other premium ingredients, with an all-you-can-drink package.

For appetizers, eight dishes will be prepared, including “Hokusyosai Mussels with Dressing,” “Peetan Tofu,” and “Homemade Fork Roast,” which are standard items at the Hilton Tokyo’s Chinese restaurant, Dynasty.

After the appetizers, guests can enjoy a variety of main dishes that make full use of luxurious ingredients, such as “Peking Duck with Caviar,” a crispy-skinned Peking duck on a crepe topped with caviar; “Jinhua Pork and Duck Dumpling with Yuzu Kosho Sauce,” a steamed pork belly and duck meatballs, which is known as a “fantastic pork,” and “Deep-fried Snow Crab Claws,” crispy crab claws covered with shrimp paste and deep-fried in a wrapper.

After finishing the main course, guests can enjoy the “Superior pot-steamed soup with chicken and abalone mushrooms” filled with natural collagen, and “Okoge with shrimp and sea urchin sauce” to finish the meal, making for a spectacular lineup to the end.

The all-you-can-drink menu includes sparkling wine, red and white wine, Chinese tea, and three types of non-alcoholic cocktails inspired by Chinese desserts. Enjoy them with “green tea ice cream and two kinds of small sweets” for dessert.


“Chinois Lune” at Hilton Tokyo

【Restaurant】 Hilton Tokyo, 2nd floor, Chinese Cuisine “Dynasty”
【Address】 6-6-2, Nishi-Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo
【Sales Period】 Tuesday, November 1, 2022 – Thursday, December 22, 2022 *On weekdays only
【Hour】 17:30-22:00 (last order 21:00) *2 hours
【Price】 10,000 yen / person *Reservations are accepted from two people.
【Reservation】 03-3344-5111 or Online
【Official Website】 https://tokyo.hiltonjapan.co.jp/restaurants/dynasty
【Official Hotel Website】 https://tokyo.hiltonjapan.co.jp/