【Sup! Tokyo!】 Hilton Tokyo Bay is holding a “Sea World”-inspired dessert buffet for a limited time only!


Hilton Tokyo Bay’s Summer Dessert Buffet “Sea Bubbles” will be held from June 18 (Sat) to August 28 (Sun), 2022 on Sat, Sun, and holidays only.

Summer dessert buffet inspired by “the world of the sea

Sea Bubbles” is a summer sweets buffet themed on a “cool sea world. The buffet is divided into an “island area” lined with tropical palm trees and a “sea area” with pink coral reefs and sea foam. Each area is lined with a variety of sea-inspired menu items.

Cool-looking “sea” sweets

The lineup includes about 20 kinds of sweets that look too cute to eat, such as the “Pink Shell Coconut Tuncalon,” a pink coconut shell with a pearl shell design, “Orange and Milk Pudding with Periwinkle Eel,” which is inspired by the image of a periwinkle eel peeking out from the ocean floor, and “Mermaid’s White Peach Short Cake,” a perfect match of white peach and sweetened whipped cream.

Freshly made “Mermaid” crepes

At the live station, where sweets are prepared on the spot, the “Mermaid’s Strawberry Bubble Crepe with Salted Milk Ice Cream” is a depiction of a mermaid swimming in the sea. The freshly baked crepe is topped with crispy meringue in the shape of a tail fin, “sea-colored” whipped cream, sweet and salty milk ice cream, and strawberry-flavored bubbles to finish.

A “love spot” appears at the bottom of the sea!

Proceeding further into the ocean area, you will find the “Love Spot Area” where heart-motif desserts are gathered. Some of the mousses are filled with sweet and sour strawberry compote, such as “Doki-Doki Koi Fortune Telling! Heart Fromage Mousse” with sweet and sour strawberry compote in some of the mousses, a mousse with a sea turtle motif that “brings good luck,” heart-shaped raspberry mousse, and other romantic-looking sweets can be enjoyed.

Seafood-based meal menus are also available.

The restaurant also offers a wide variety of seafood-based meals, such as tomato pasta with plenty of seafood. This lineup is also recommended for lunch.


Hilton Tokyo Bay “Sea Bubbles”

【Sales Period】 June 18 (Sat) – August 28 (Sun), 2022 *Sat, Sun, Holiday Only
【Location】 Hilton Tokyo Bay Lobby Floor “lounge O”
【Address】 1-8 Maihama, Urayasu City, Chiba Prefecture
【Hour】 12:00-, 12:30-, 13:00-, 14:30-, 15:00-, 15:30- (6 parts, 2 hours)
【Price】 Adults 4,100 yen, Children (4-8) 1,550 yen, Children (9-12) 2,350 yen
*A bar with about 20 kinds of drinks is included. Service charge is included.
*The menu is subject to change.
*Menu items are subject to change depending on availability. The photo is for illustrative purposes only.
【Reservation】 047-355-5000 or Online