【Sup! Tokyo!】 Kanda Curry Grand Prix” will be held in Kanda, the “largest” curry town in Japan, where you can enjoy eating curry!


The “Kanda Curry Town Eating Stamp Rally 2022,” a gourmet eating event, will be held at curry restaurants in the Kanda area of Tokyo from August 1 (Monday) to December 15 (Thursday), 2022.

Curry eating in Kanda, the “largest” curry town in Japan

The “Kanda Curry Town Eating and Walking Stamp Rally” is a popular gourmet eating and walking event, now in its 6th year. Indian restaurants, European-style curry stores, coffee shops, etc. will participate in this event and serve their special curry dishes.

The 2019 Kanda Curry Grand Prix Decision

A record 125 stores participated

In 2022, 125 restaurants will participate, the largest number ever. The lineup includes popular restaurants in the Kanda area, such as European Curry Bondi, Azabujuban Montabou, Indian Restaurant Mandala, and Kitchen Karoli.

Those who wish to participate in the event can eat curry at participating restaurants with the “Kanda Curry Town Official Guidebook 2022,” which will be distributed free of charge starting in late July 2022. There are five courses, and participants who conquer at least one course will receive the Kanda Curry Meister Award, the grade of which corresponds to the number of courses they have completed.

In 2022, a special Rilakkuma-designed “Kanda Curry Meister Card” will also be given away in collaboration with Rilakkuma, the tourism ambassador of the Chiyoda City Tourism Association.


Kanda Curry Grand Prix 2022

【Event Period】 Monday, August 1, 2022 – Thursday, December 15, 2022
【Location】 125 curry stores in the Kanda area
【Official Website】 https://kanda-curry.com/