【Sup! Tokyo!】 Keio Plaza Hotel Hachioji will host a “Moomin” motif lunch and sweets buffet!


Keio Plaza Hotel Hachioji will hold a buffet featuring “Moomin. The lunch buffet will be held Tuesdays through Fridays on weekdays from June 1 (Wed) to August 31 (Wed), 2022, and the sweets buffet will be held on Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays only from June 4 (Sat) to August 28 (Sun).

The theme is “Moomin Valley in the jungle of everlasting summer.

Keio Plaza Hotel Hachioji’s first “Moomin” themed buffet will be held under the theme of “Moomin Valley in the jungle of everlasting summer. The theme of the buffet is “Moomin Valley in the jungle of everlasting summer.” The menu features food and sweets perfect for summer, inspired by the adventures of the Moomin family and their friends in the jungle-like Moomin Valley.

The restaurant’s interior decor also uses artwork from Tove Jansson’s 1956 comic “Moomin Valley in the Jungle” to express “Moomin Valley in the Jungle in Summer.

Weekday lunch buffet with Scandinavian food

The buffet offers different menus for weekdays and weekends/holidays. The “Moomin Lunch Buffet” to be held on weekdays from Tuesday to Friday is titled “Imagine a Jungle Party in the Moomin Valley” and will feature food items inspired by the party dishes prepared by Moominmamma.

The menu includes smoked salmon canapés, marinated herring, and sardine sandwiches using typical Scandinavian ingredients. The lineup also includes vegetable mousse that looks like it could have come from Moominmamma’s garden, classic roast beef prepared by the hotel chef, and Scandinavian sweets. In addition, on Tuesday, August 9, which falls on “Moomin Day,” the chef will offer a special menu per person for a limited time.

Weekend and holiday sweets buffet with character motif desserts

The “Moomin Sweets Buffet,” available only on Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays, features sweets with motifs of popular characters, inspired by the fun summer memories of the “Moomin Valley in the Jungle. The “What color is Little Mii’s dress? bright red velvet cake,” “Moominpappa’s silk hat-style chocolate mousse,” and “gnarly marshmallows that are hard to eat.

One welcome plate per person

The welcome plate, limited to one dish per person, is also noteworthy, with a unique menu that changes monthly: “Hip Mousse” inspired by Moomin’s hips in June, “Tropical Parfait” in July, and “Eating Jungle” in August.

Table coordination plan for “Moomin by Arabia” is also available.

Limited to three tables per day, a special table plan featuring “Moomin by Arabia” Summer 2022 items will also be available. Plates and mugs depicting the Moomins fishing will decorate the tables. In addition, non-alcoholic cocktails will be served with ice made to look like roses that Moominmamma carefully nurtures.


■ Moomin Lunch Buffet – Imagine a Jungle Party in the Moomin Valley
【Sales Period】 June 1 (Wed) – August 31 (Wed), 2022 Weekday (Tue-Fri only)
【Hour】 11:30 – 15:30 [120 minutes] *Last order 30 minutes before.
【Price】 Adults 3,800 yen (junior high school students and older)/Seniors (60 and older) 3,400 yen/Children (4 years old – elementary school students) 1,000 yen
*Drinks included (coffee, tea, all kinds of soft drinks)

■ Moomin Sweets Buffet – Fun summer memories of “Moomin Valley in the Jungle”.
【Sales Period】 June 4 (Sat) – August 28 (Sun), 2022 Sat, Sun, Holiday only
【Hour】 【1】11:30~13:00【2】12:00~13:30【3】14:30~16:00【4】15:00~16:30
*To avoid congestion when entering the restaurant, the hours of use are divided.
*Last order is 30 minutes before each time.
【Price】 Adults 3,800 yen/Junior high school, high school and university students 3,400 yen *present your student ID card/Children (4 years old – elementary school students) 2,000 yen
*Special Table Plan “By Arabia
【Price】 8,600 yen per table for 2 persons (with non-alcoholic cocktail)
*Limited to 3 tables per each of the above times [1 and 3].
*Drinks included (coffee, tea, all kinds of soft drinks)

【Location】 Keio Plaza Hotel Hachioji, 2F/Restaurant <Le Claire>
【Address】 14-1 Asahi-cho, Hachioji-shi, Tokyo
【Reservation】 https://www.keioplaza.co.jp/hachioji/event/moomin/