【Sup! Tokyo!】 Keio Plaza Hotel is hosting a Sylvanian Families Christmas Sweets Buffet!


Keio Plaza Hotel will hold “Sweets Collection with Sylvanian Families,” an order-made sweets buffet featuring the Sylvanian Families, from November 1 (Tuesday) through December 31 (Saturday), 2022.

Keio Plaza Hotel x Sylvanian Families Sweets Buffet

Following the Halloween Sweets Buffet held in September, the second collaboration between Keio Plaza Hotel and Sylvanian Families, a dollhouse that has been loved in more than 70 countries and regions since its release in 1985, this time, guests can enjoy sweets with a Christmas party motif.

A variety of sweets to get you in the Christmas spirit

The inspiration for the sweets comes from the story of the Sylvanian Families who wander into a Christmas party. The sweets include tartlets that look like Christmas trees, bûche de Noël that look like snowy stumps, and cakes that look like Christmas wreaths, all of which will get you in the Christmas spirit.

Other sweets that seem to have come out of the world of the Sylvanian Families include “Blueberry Tart” and “Strawberry Mousse” from the cake shop in Sylvanian Village, and “Present Opera” delivered by the reindeer father, Jolly.

There is also an exhibit of a “candy house” made of sweets.

In addition, a diorama themed “House of Sweets” is displayed in the venue decorated to express the theme of this buffet. The patissier skillfully used actual sweets to create this meticulous work of art.


Sweets Collection with Sylvanian Families

【Event Period】 Tuesday, November 1 – Saturday, December 31, 2022
【Restaurant】 Keio Plaza Hotel, 2F / All-Day Dining <Jurin>
【Address】 Keio Plaza Hotel, 2F, Main Building, 2-2-1 Nishi-Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo
■ Regular
・Adults 5,500 yen / Children (4 years old to elementary school students) 3,000 yen / Children under 3 years old free
・Baby and Child Set” plan Adult 6,200 yen
■ December 24 (Sat.) and 25 (Sun.) *Special main dishes will be added and the price will be the special Christmas price.
・Adults 6,500 yen / Children (4 years old to elementary school students) 4,000 yen / Children under 3 years old free
・Baby and Child Set” plan Adult 7,200 yen
*The “With Baby Set” plan is a special package that includes Sylvanian Forest Kitchen’s original baby chef or waitress.
*Drinks included (coffee, tea, various soft drinks).
【Hour】 (1)15:00~17:00(L.O.16:30)、(2)15:30~17:30(L.O.17:00)
【Reservation】 03-3344-0111 or Online
【Official Website】 https://www.keioplaza.co.jp/event/autumn-sweets/