【Sup! Tokyo!】 Mandarin Oriental, Tokyo Christmas Cakes for 2022 Include 2-Tier Shortcake with “Rare Strawberry”


Mandarin Oriental, Tokyo presents Christmas Cake & Baked Goods for 2022, with reservations to begin on Saturday, October 1, 2022.

Mandarin Oriental, Tokyo’s Christmas Cake 2022

Mandarin Oriental, Tokyo’s popular annual Christmas cake will make a comeback in 2022. Under the theme of “Merry Christmas from Around the World,” a wide variety of traditional Japanese and European cakes and baked goods inspired by the countries in which they are made will be available.

Sembikiya Queen Strawberry Premium Shortcake

Of particular note is the “Sembikiya Queen Strawberry Premium Shortcake,” a collaboration cake with Sembikiya Sohonten. It is made with the rare “Queen Strawberry,” a strawberry with an excellent balance of sweetness and sourness, and the light and smooth whipped cream and sponge create a trinity of “supreme taste.

Sembikiya Queen Strawberry Premium Shortcake: 27,000 yen (limited to 50 pieces)

Mont Blanc (chestnut and cream dessert)

Mont Blanc” is a cake with rich butter cream and mousse made from chestnuts from France, Italy, and Japan. The inside of the cake is filled with crispy meringue to add a textural accent. The top is decorated with ornaments reminiscent of French Christmas ornaments, creating a cute and unique appearance.

Mont Blanc 6,480 yen

Strawberry and pistachio kumo (kumo = cloud)

Mandarin Oriental, Tokyo’s popular “Kumo” cloud-shaped cake, “Kumo with Strawberries and Pistachios,” a limited edition flavor for the Christmas season, is now available. Inspired by the snowy landscape of Finland, where Santa Claus Village is located, and the clothes of Santa Claus, the richly flavored pistachio mousse is filled with sweet and sour strawberry confit. It is coated with rich white chocolate.

Strawberry and pistachio kumo 3,240 yen

Cakes for the Holiday Season

The lineup also includes a cute “shortcake” decorated with fir trees, stars, and Santa Claus’ walking stick, and a “gateau chocolat” inspired by the gingerbread house that symbolizes the Güell Park in Barcelona, Spain.

Gateau chocolat 5,940 yen

Christmas special baked goods are also available.

In addition to cakes, the store also offers Christmas-only baked goods. The menu features a variety of festive sweets to bring the holiday season to life, including the traditional German Christmas pastry “Stollen” and “Pound Cake” mixed with Mandarin Oriental Tokyo’s original blend of tea.

Mandarin Oriental, Tokyo Blended Tea Pound Cake “Christmas Version” 2,916 yen


Mandarin Oriental, Tokyo Christmas Cake 2022
【Store】 The Mandarin Oriental Gourmet Shop
【Address】 2-1-1 Nihonbashi-Muromachi, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
【Reservation】 0120-806-823
【Official Website】 http://mandarinoriental.co.jp/tokyo

■ Christmas cake *Not sold in stores
【Reservation Period】 Saturday, October 1 – Friday, December 9, 2022
*Reservations must be made 15 days prior to pickup.
【Delivery Period】 Thursday, December 15 – Sunday, December 25, 2022