【Sup! Tokyo!】 Marunouchi KITTE’s Christmas 2022 features a tree with dancing snowflakes and a giant snow globe that you can “step inside”!

The “WHITE KITTE” Christmas event at KITTE in Marunouchi, Tokyo, will be held from November 24 (Thu) to December 25 (Sun), 2022.

A pure white Christmas tree with snow falling on it

The theme of “WHITE KITTE” in 2022 is “KITTE Forest Winter Forest Christmas – Gift from Nature.

In the atrium, nine Christmas trees of different heights, made of thinned wood from Hinohara Village in Tokyo and fir trees from Tsumagoi Village in Gunma Prefecture, will be installed to create a space reminiscent of a beautiful Japanese forest. At the center of the tree is the main tree, which is 12 meters long. It is pure white and fantastically decorated to showcase its beauty and naturally powerful appearance.

The tree is also decorated with snowflakes delicately falling down from the top of the tree, each snowflake made of “Mildan,” a 100% recycled paper from milk cartons.

Get inside! Giant Snow Globe

A giant snow globe with a diameter of 3 meters that visitors can actually enter appears next to the Christmas tree. This is a unique photo spot where visitors can directly experience the mystical space of the snow globe.

Christmas show reminiscent of a “forest orchestra

In addition, a Christmas show featuring a “forest orchestra” echoing through the white forest will be held at regular intervals during the period. The entire atrium will light up in seven different colors in conjunction with Christmas songs such as “silent night” and “we wish you a merry Christmas” and original music inspired by the decorative theme, creating a heartwarming space with light and sound.


【Event Period】 Thursday, November 24 – Sunday, December 25, 2022
【Venue】 Atrium on the 1st floor of JP Tower commercial facility “KITTE
【Address】 2-7-2 Marunouchi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
【Official Website】 https://marunouchi.jp-kitte.jp/shop/white_kitte2022/

■ Christmas Show
【Event Period】 Thursday, November 24 – Sunday, December 25, 2022
【Venue】 1st Floor Atrium
*The event will be held at regular intervals between 12:00 and 22:00 daily during the period.