【Sup! Tokyo!】 Rich “Honey & Cheese” Afternoon Tea at String’s Hotel Tokyo Intercontinental, now being served!


String’s Hotel Tokyo InterContinental will hold “Honey & Cheese Enchanting Afternoon Tea” – a luscious and richly rewarding tea time – from April 29 (Fri., holiday) to June 30 (Thu.), 2022, at the 26th floor Italian grill “Melodia” and cafe & bar “Rythmos.

Honey & Cheese Enchanting Afternoon Tea

Luscious and rich afternoon tea at Honey & Cheese

The latest afternoon tea at String’s Hotel Tokyo InterContinental stars mellow, gently sweet honey and rich cheese. All sweets, savories, and scones are lavishly prepared with honey and cheese, and each item on the menu is carefully crafted with the utmost care.

The sweets come in adorable designs reminiscent of honeysuckle and cheese. Parmesan Cheese Sablé and Orange Blossom Honey Mousse” with mousse sandwiched between Parmesan cheese cookies with the unique aroma of baked cheese, “Honey ‘Fleur Plantagnere'” with honey-soaked fresh lemon Baked Cheesecake,” and “Gorgonzola Egg Tart Clover Honey” with Gorgonzola cheese for an adult taste.

The scones, a staple of afternoon tea, are made by kneading Edam cheese powder and other ingredients into the dough and coating the surface with sunflower honey. The baked scones are served with a rich caramel cream with the aroma of lotus flowers.

Savories are served with a depth of flavor that advances tea, herbal tea, and coffee. The “Gorgonzola Dolce Dip Fig & Honey Bread” to dip and enjoy in smooth Gorgonzola sauce, and “Truffle Sandwich with Brie de Meaux Crispy Bacon with Truffles” will be available.


“Honey & Cheese Enchanting Afternoon Tea” – a luscious and richly rewarding tea time.

【Sales Period】 April 29 (Fri, Holiday) – June 30 (Thu), 2022
【Hour】 From 14:00 or 16:30 (L.O.)*2 hours
【Location】 Melodia” Italian grill and “Lutmos” cafe and bar on the 26th floor of String’s Hotel Tokyo InterContinental
【Address】 26F Shinagawa East One Tower, 16-1, Konan 2-chome, Tokyo
【Price】 5,830 yen per person *Service charge not included
【Reservation】 03-5783-1258 or Online