【Sup! Tokyo!】 Summer Hot & Spicy Grand Prix 2022″ will be held in ARK Hills & Toranomon Hills area from today!


The “Summer Hot and Spicy Grand Prix 2022” will be held at popular restaurants in the ARK Hills and Toranomon Hills areas of Tokyo from Friday, July 15 to Wednesday, August 31, 2022.

A variety of hot and spicy dishes

The “Summer Hot and Spicy Grand Prix 2022” will be held at 36 restaurants in the ARK Hills and Toranomon Hills areas, offering a variety of hot and spicy gourmet dishes. The limited-edition menu includes a wide variety of unique dishes, ranging from deliciously spicy dishes for beginners to extremely spicy dishes for experts using the world’s hottest chili peppers.

From Toranomon Hills, Bangkok Smile, Bangkok Smile (spicy eggplant and pork salad) 1,200 yen

Spiciness Level <Beginner>

The menu, perfect for beginners in the world of hot and spicy food, includes “Bangkok Smile (eggplant and pork salad in summer)” by <Bangkok Smile>, which uses plenty of fresh Thai chili pepper prickine, “Summer Vegetable and Chicken Green Curry” by <SPROUT Café Sakura-zaka>, which is lavishly topped with summer vegetables, and “Summer Jalapeño & Teriyaki Chicken Burrito” by <Tacorikko>, which incorporates original teriyaki-flavor jalapeño.

ARK Hills “Green Curry with Summer Vegetables and Chicken” 1,540 yen

Spiciness Level <Intermediate>

The Intermediate level of spiciness, which allows diners to enjoy a mildly spicy and tasty combination, includes the “Chicken Tomato Rasam Plate,” a South Indian curry by <ERICK SOUTH>, and “Rice Noodles in Hot Sour Soup” by <Lan Yuan>, which uses yellow chilies from Hainan Island in China that are 10 times hotter than falcon’s claws.

Toranomon Hills “Chicken Tomato Rasam Plate” 1,100 yen

Spiciness level <Advanced>

There are seven items on the “advanced level” menu that are a must-try for those who love hot and spicy food. The “Super Spicy Tomato Tantanmen” from Dalian Dumpling Base DALIAN, with its numbing spiciness that lingers in the mouth, the “Deliciously Spicy! Habanero Grilled Cheese Curry” at Café WASUGAZEN, and “Thai Cuisine Chang Roi Kaaw’s” super spicy Gapao Rice with plenty of hot fresh Thai chili prickine.

ARK Hills <Dalian Dumpling Base DALIAN “Super Spicy Tomato Tantanmen” 1,298 yen *Limited to 10 servings

Hot and spicy” menu with a “hotter and spicier” back menu

In addition, this year’s event features a “super spicy back menu” that allows you to enjoy even more spiciness. You can order “hotter” versions of Toranomon ARBOL’s Genovese with Aoyama pepper and Yakiniku Ten Gamushara’s hot pot dishes.

Toranomon Hills “Green pepper Genovese with swordtip squid and pistachios from Otsu Port in Ibaraki Prefecture” 2,000 yen *On the back menu, limited to 5 servings.


Summer Hot and Spicy Grand Prix 2022

【Event Period】 July 15 (Fri) – August 31 (Wed), 2022
【Area & Restaurants】
・ARK Hills area: ARK Mori Building, ARK Hills South Tower, ARK Hills Sengokuyama Mori Tower
・Toranomon Hills area: Toranomon Hills Mori Tower, Toranomon Hills Business Tower, Atago Green Hills, Shintora-dori CORE (36 stores in total)
【Official Website】 ARK Hills / Toranomon Hills