【Sup! Tokyo!】 Takano Fruit Parlor is now offering limited-edition summer parfaits and sweets using seasonal peaches!


Takano Fruit Parlour will offer a limited menu for July and August, “Grand Menu Peach” including “Peach Parfait” from Friday, July 1, 2022.

Enjoy “seasonal peaches” with a limited menu for July and August

A variety of peach sweets and drink menus are available to fully enjoy the deliciousness of peaches in season. The Shinjuku main store, the Yokohama Takashimaya store, and five branch stores will each offer a peach menu with different tailoring and design.

<Shinjuku Main Store/Yokohama Takashimaya>
Whole Peach Sweets Plate & Peach Parfait

At the Shinjuku Main Store and Yokohama Takashimaya Store, a luxurious “peach plate dessert” using a whole peach pulp is now available. Enjoy the fresh, juicy taste of a whole peach.

The “Peach Parfait” is decorated with plenty of peach fruit, peach jelly, peach granite, and raspberry yogurt cream accents. The gentle acidity added to the sweetness of the juicy peaches creates a refreshing flavor perfect for summer.

The lineup also includes seasonal trifles with colorful layers, peach juice to enjoy the direct taste of the fruit, and waffles to savor with peaches.

<Branch 5> Peach bavarois parfait

The “Peach Plate Dessert,” available at the Shinjuku Takashimaya, Ikebukuro Tobu, Keikyu Kamioooka, JR Nagoya Takashimaya, and Kawagoe Maruhiro branches, features a peach bavarois parfait shaped like a peach, which when split in two, is filled with peach pulp, making it a gorgeous looking and tasting dish.

The “Peach Parfait” with its sweet and gentle peach aroma is layered with peach raspberry jelly, peach cream, peach granite, and a refreshing orange raspberry sauce. It is a refreshing parfait.
In addition, there is a full menu of peach yogurt drinks and peach waffles.


Takano Fruit Parlor “Seasonal Fruits Grand Menu Peach”
【Release Date】 July 1 (Fri), 2022

■ Takano Fruit Parlor Shinjuku Main Store / Yokohama Takashimaya Store
・Plated peach dessert: 2,200 yen
・Peach parfait: 1,870 yen
・Seasonal Trifle Peach 1,650 yen *includes coffee or tea
・Peach waffle 1,760 yen *With coffee or tea
・Peach drink dessert 1,320 yen
・Peach juice 1,210 yen
・Cut Fruit Peach 1,870 yen

■ Takano Fruit Parlor 5 branches
【Location】 Shinjuku Takashimaya, Ikebukuro Tobu, Keikyu Kamioooka, JR Nagoya Takashimaya, Kawagoe Maruhiro
・Plated peach dessert: 1,870 yen
・Peach parfait: 1,760 yen
・Seasonal Trifle Peach 1,540 yen *includes coffee or tea
・Peach waffle 1,650 yen *with coffee or tea
・Peach yogurt drink 1,210 yen
・Peach juice 1,100 yen

【Official Website】 https://takano.jp/parlour/