【Sup! Tokyo!】 Takano Fruit Parlor Shinjuku is offering “3 kinds of grapes & all-you-can-eat cut fruits” afternoon tea for a limited time only!


Takano Fruit Parlour Shinjuku will offer the afternoon tea set “Takano Fruit Tiara – Grape Fest” from September 1 (Thu) to September 30 (Fri), 2022.

Afternoon tea with “all-you-can-eat cut fruits” featuring grapes

Takano Fruit Tiara” is a popular plan at Takano Fruit Parlor Shinjuku that includes all-you-can-eat fruit cuts and afternoon tea. The menu features a variety of dishes that allow you to enjoy the fresh taste of grapes to your heart’s content.

Comparison of three types of grapes

The all-you-can-eat cut fruits include three varieties: “Shine Muscat” with its noble aroma and refreshing sweetness, “Pione” with its rich and robust flavor, and “Nagano Purple” with its refreshing sweetness. Visitors can compare and enjoy the different flavors.

In addition to grapes, peaches will be available until mid-September, and Japanese pears and persimmons, which are a taste of autumn, will be offered as soon as they arrive.

Sweets filled with grapes

The afternoon tea menu also features plenty of grapes. The lineup of sweets that allow you to enjoy the juicy grapes includes a Chine Muscat tart, a Pione and Chine Muscat julée, and a Chine Muscat maritotzzo.

Limited edition drink “Sparkling Drink – Grapes”.

In addition, on weekdays after 4:30 p.m., “Sparkling Drink – Grapes” is offered as a limited drink. This refreshing drink is made with frozen pine muscat and pione grapes floating in sparkling soda water.


“Takano Fruit Tiara – Grape Fest” <120 min.>

【Sales Period】 Thursday, September 1 – Friday, September 30, 2022
【Reservation Time】 11:00/11:15/11:30/13:30/13:45/14:00/15:45/17:30/18:00
【Location】 Takano Fruit Parlor Shinjuku Main Store
【Address】 5F, 3-26-11 Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo
【Fee】 5,500 yen per 1 adult, 6-12 years old 3,300 yen per 1 child, Free for under 6 years old
*Reservations are preferred. Same-day reservations are accepted if seats are available.
*Coffee or tea (hot or iced) <refill free>
*Afternoon tea set is limited to one per person.
【Reservation】 03-5368-5147 or Online
【Official Website】 https://takano.jp/parlour/originalmenu/detail/fruitsparlour/