【Sup! Tokyo!】 The largest ever “Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Museum” will be held in Roppongi!

The “Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Museum,” a major exhibition commemorating the 30th anniversary of the popular manga series “Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon,” will be held at the Roppongi Museum from July 1 (Friday) to December 30 (Friday), 2022.

A major exhibition tracing the 30-year history of “Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon”

The “Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Museum” is an exhibition that traces the 30-year history of “Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon”. New illustrations drawn by Naoko Takeuchi, the original creator of the series, as well as rare original color drawings and original manuscripts, including some exhibited for the first time, will be displayed for three periods, making this the largest exhibition of its kind ever held.

The lineup includes a selection of color original drawings from the time of the serialization of “Nakayoshi” to the present. Visitors will be able to see a wide variety of original drawings in a space that feels like a visit to the world of “Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon”.

Immersive Experience Theater & Hologram Manuscript Exhibit

In addition, an immersive experience theater with images and special effects projected on a large 4.5 x 8 meter screen and a holographic manuscript exhibit that looks back on famous scenes and scenes from the manga in a sparkling new way are also on display. Visitors can experience the world of “A major exhibition tracing the 30-year history of “Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon”” in a new way.

More than 600 animation storyboards, musical costumes and other related materials

In addition, a “museum-like” collection exhibit will be on display, featuring more than 600 setting materials and valuable goods on the largest scale ever.

The exhibition will feature a collection of materials from various genres, including setting materials and storyboards from the anime series from the 1990s to the latest productions, transformation goods, figures and other toys, video game consoles, and rare costumes actually used in the musicals. Visitors can look back on the 30 years of “Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon” from various angles and enjoy the charm of “Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon” in advance of the theatrical version “Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Cosmos” to be released in 2023. The original goods and café menu will be available for purchase.

More information on the original goods and café menu will be announced at a later date.


Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Museum

【Exhibition Period】 July 1 (Fri) – Dec. 30 (Fri), 2022
・Vol.1 July 1 (Fri) – September 4 (Sun) *Original paintings mainly from the first and second parts of the original work will be exhibited.
・Vol.2 September 10 (Sat) – November 6 (Sun) *Original paintings mainly from the third and fourth parts of the original work will be exhibited.
・Vol.3 November 12 (Sat) – December 30 (Fri) *Original drawings from Part 5 onward will be exhibited.
【Location】 Roppongi Museum
【Address】 5-6-20, Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo
【Closed Day】 September 5 (Mon) – 9 (Fri), November 7 (Mon) – 11 (Fri)
【Hour】 10:00~18:00(Final admission 17:30)
【Admission Fee】
Advance tickets: Adult 2,000 yen, Junior high school and high school students 1,200 yen, Elementary school students 600 yen
At the door: Adults 2,200 yen, Junior high and high school students 1,400 yen, Elementary school students 800 yen
【Ticket sales date】 Vol.1 May 4, 2022 from 10:00
*Date and time to be determined. Advance tickets are available at e-plus. Same-day tickets will be sold at e-plus or at the museum counter only when there is room for more people to stay in the museum.
*Ticket sales details will be announced on the official website.