【Sup! Tokyo!】 Toraya Anstand will be selling a new “green tea-soaked” sweet for a limited time only!


Toraya An Stand, a Toraya brand, has introduced a limited time offer sweet using matcha green tea, which will be available from April 28, 2022 (Thursday).

New sweets using “matcha green tea and anko (red bean paste)

The new “Azuki and Cacao Fondant Cream Sandwich with Green Tea Sauce” is a moist and rich “azuki and cacao fondant” sandwiched between bittersweet green tea sauce and slightly sweet cheese cream. It is recommended to eat it with the refreshing cream topping.

Adzuki bean and cacao fondant cream sandwich with green tea sauce 751 yen

The renewed “An Parfait Green Tea” is a “matcha-full” parfait topped with a generous amount of bean paste. The parfait is made with matcha yokan made with an abundance of Uji matcha, matcha cream, crispy matcha tuile, lemon agar, chunky shiratama (white rice balls) with lemon zest, and milk ice cream, adding a refreshing flavor. It is also available for take-out.

Anpaste matcha green tea ore 661 yen

The standard Uji green tea ore & green tea cake are also available.

The standard menu item, “An-paste Matcha Ore” is also noteworthy. An-paste [brown sugar and maple syrup] is added to matcha ore, which is made with matcha green tea from Uji and white bean paste, for a refined sweetness. You can enjoy changing the taste by mixing the an-paste to your liking.

An An Cake Matcha” is baked with white bean paste made from rare white azuki beans, matcha green tea and white chocolate. The dough is made with two types of matcha green tea, which brings out the best of its flavor and astringency, creating a gentle taste.

An Cake [Green Tea] 324 yen


Toraya An Stand New Matcha Sweets

【Store】 All Toraya Anstand stores (Kita-Aoyama, Aoyama 1-chome, Shinjuku, Yokohama)
【Menu & Sales Period】
Adzuki bean and cacao fondant cream sandwich with green tea sauce 751 yen
April 28 (Thu) – July 11 (Mon), 2022

An parfait [green tea] 801 yen
April 28 (Thu) – June 16 (Thu), 2022

An-paste matcha green tea ore 661 yen / An Cake [Green Tea] 324 yen
Year-round sales