【Sup! Tokyo!】 “White Chapel Christmas”, a sweets buffet representing a fantastic silver world, is now being held at Hilton Tokyo Bay!


Hilton Tokyo Bay’s new sweets buffet, “White Chapel Christmas,” is open Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays only from November 12 (Sat) to December 25 (Sun), 2022.

Sweets buffet representing a fantastic silver world

Hilton Tokyo Bay presents “White Chapel Christmas” for the Christmas season, a sweets buffet set in a fantastic silver world. You can enjoy romantic sweets combining various wedding motifs, such as wedding dresses and tiaras, with the image of a silver world.

Wedding dress and tiara motifs

The buffet table is divided into three areas: an ice chapel area surrounded by flowers inspired by a wedding bouquet, a white Christmas area with snow falling, and an area representing a Christmas wedding party held quietly in the snowy mountains of Northern Europe, each with a menu that matches the concept.

About 20 types of sweets are available, including a berry-filled shortcake with a pure white wedding dress motif, a tiara cheesecake with a white mousse cake with a white anan (bean paste) white Mont Blanc cream filling, a chocolate mint mousse cake with a soft mint flavor, and a chai chocolate pudding topped with a snowman marshmallow rusk.

“Hot shaved ice” in winter

At the live station, where the menu is prepared in front of the guests, “Shimmering Hot Shaved Ice with Condensed Milk and Berry Sauce” is offered. This is a “hot shaved ice” dish for winter, with warm thick berry sauce and crunchy fiantine under shaved ice covered with silver sugar and alazan.

There is also an ice sculpture performance inspired by a chapel.

In addition, an ice sculpture performance is held every business day to match the world view of the buffet. Guests can view a powerful ice sculpture approximately 1.4 meters high, inspired by a beautiful ice chapel standing in a winter snowy landscape, right before their eyes.


Hilton Tokyo Bay “White Chapel Christmas”

【Sales Period】 November 12 (Sat.) – December 25 (Sun.), 2022 (Sat. – Sun.) Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays only
【Restaurant】 Hilton Tokyo Bay Lobby Floor “lounge O”
【Hour】 12:00~/ 12:30~/ 13:00~/ 14:30~/ 15:00~/ 15:30~ (6 parts, each 2 hours)
【Price】 Adults 4,100 yen, Children (4-8) 1,550 yen, Children (9-12) 2,350 yen
*Includes a drink bar with about 20 kinds of drinks.
*Rates include service charge.
*Ice sculpture performances are scheduled to be held once daily. However, it may be changed or cancelled without notice.
【Reservation】 047-355-5000 or Online
【Official Website】 https://tokyobay.hiltonjapan.co.jp/plans/restaurants/sweetsbuffet/lounge-christmas