【Sup! Tokyo! & Kobe!】 Retro pudding specialty store “In love with pudding” offers the “largest ever” bucket-sized oversized pudding!


Take-out pudding specialty store “In Love with Pudding” introduces new pudding “Bucket de Retro Pudding,” the largest pudding in the brand’s history, available from August 2, 2022 (Tuesday). Why not take it back to your hotel to share and eat?

What is “In Love with Pudding?”

Pudding in Love” is a take-out pudding specialty store based on the concept of “pudding so delicious that you fall in love with it, served in a retro coffee shop. The puddings are prepared daily in a store with an integrated workshop, and “Retro Pudding,” reminiscent of the puddings served at old-fashioned coffee shops, is the signature item on the menu.

Signature dishes are now “bucket size”!

Retro Pudding, the brand’s signature item, has been available in three sizes: regular (120g), large (2x size/240g), and extra-large (5x size/600g), but in response to fan expectations, the “largest bucket size” in the brand’s history (6.6x size/800g) has finally made its debut. The “largest” bucket size in the brand’s history (6.6 times the size/800g) finally made its debut. Of course, just like the regular “Retro Pudding,” the brand uses the same carefully selected ingredients, including carefully selected eggs, high-fat Jersey milk, and Hokkaido fresh cream, all of which are essential for making a delicious pudding.

Limited edition pudding with peach pulp and jelly

On the same day as the launch, the company also released a limited-edition “Fruits Momo Pudding,” which was popular last year, using 100% peach juice to create a two-layer pudding with a fruity and gentle taste of momo jelly and a smooth pudding.


Bucket de retro pudding 800g 2,000 yen
【Store】 In Love with Pudding, Esola Ikebukuro

Fruit and Momo Pudding 120g 500 yen <Summer only>
【Store】 In love with pudding, Esola Ikebukuro, Sanchika

【Release Date】 Tuesday, August 2, 2022

<In Love with Pudding, Esola Ikebukuro>
【Address】 Esola Ikebukuro, 1-12-1 Nishi-Ikebukuro, Toshima-ku, Tokyo
*Just outside the West Ticket of the South Passage of the Tokyo Metro Yurakucho Line
【Hour】 11:00 – 21:00
【Phone】 03-3590-6051

<Pudding in Love, Sanchika Store>
【Address】 Sanchika 7th Avenue Sweets Mate, 1-10-1 Sannomiya-cho, Chuo-ku, Kobe, Hyogo, Japan
【Hour】 10:00 – 20:00
【Phone】 078-335-5452