【Sup! Tokyo! & Osaka!】 AMBUSH is now selling a quantity of “Astro Boy” collaboration figures and necklaces featuring bright red “hearts”!

AMBUSH has collaborated with Osamu Tezuka’s science fiction manga “Astro Boy” to create a figure and necklace, available in limited quantities at Ambush Workshop, Ambush Workshop 2, and Ambush Umeda Hankyu starting July 29, 2022 (Friday).

Ambush’s second “Astro Boy” collaboration

Astro Boy” by Osamu Tezuka is a science fiction hero manga about a 100,000 horsepower robot boy named Astro Boy, set in the future. Ambush also released a collaborative figure in 2022, and this new one is the second in the series.

Figurines and necklaces with eye-catching “hearts”

The second release features a 32.5cm-tall figure based on Atom’s iconic pose and a silver and gold-colored necklace. Both figures feature a heart engraved on the chest, highlighting the “kind-hearted” Atom, who is active in saving people from danger.


Ambush “Astro Boy” Collaboration Vol. 2

【Release Date】 July 29 (Fri), 2022
【Store】 Ambush Workshop, Ambush Workshop 2, Ambush Umeda Hankyu
【Official Website】 https://www.ambushdesign.com/ja-jp/