【Sup! Toyama!】 The North Face x “Running Pikachu” daypack with Pokemon ball-shaped sack to go on sale at an event in Toyama, Japan!

Collaboration items from five brands including THE NORTH FACE and HELLY HANSEN will be on sale at the “GOLDWIN PLAY EARTH PARK TOYAMA” event to be held in Toyama Prefecture from July 23 (Sat) to August 14 (Sun), 2022. (GOLDWIN PLAY EARTH PARK TOYAMA), an event to be held in Toyama Prefecture from July 23 (Sat) to August 14 (Sun), 2022.

Collaboration items from The North Face and Helly Hansen

The North Face, Helly Hansen, Goldwin, Speedo, and Canterbury will present items in collaboration with Pokemon, artists, and designers. Themed around the five elements that make up the earth (earth, water, fire, wind, and sky), the collection includes daypacks, tote bags, T-shirts, ponchos, and more.

from left) poncho (kids) 19,800 yen, poncho (girls) 19,800 yen

The North Face x Pokemon Daypack

The North Face has teamed up with Pokémon for a lottery sale of daypacks for kids. The front of the pack is printed with an illustration of Pikachu running energetically across the earth under the theme of “Earth (EARTH). A monster ball-shaped sack is included, and a yellow-colored eco bag is housed inside.

Daypack 13,200 yen
©Pokémon. ©Nintendo/Creatures Inc./GAME FREAK inc. TM, (R), and character names are trademarks of Nintendo.

Helly Hansen x Mina Perhonen bag

The collaboration between Helly Hansen and minä perhonen has produced tote bags and pochettes with the theme of “wind. The bodies are made from upcycled yacht sails and leftover material from the production process, giving each piece a different look and a unique design.

Tote bag 9,900 yen, patch tote bag 19,800 yen, pochette 3,300 yen

Goldwyn x Daichiro Shinjo T-shirts and jackets

Goldwyn collaborated with artist Daichiro Shinjo on the question, “What is the sky?” Goldwyn has collaborated with artist Daichiro Shinjo on a lineup of T-shirts and jackets with bold “calligraphy” graphic representations of the sky. The lineup includes T-shirts and jackets boldly decorated with the word “sky” expressed in “calligraphy” graphics.

PEP T-shirt 7,700 yen

Canterbury and Speedo collaboration wear.

Other items include a “rugby ball”-shaped shirt produced in collaboration with rugby brand Canterbury and ANREALAGE, and a kids’ size rain poncho produced in collaboration with Speedo and FUMITO GANRYU.

Shirt (kids) 9,900 yen, shirt (youth) 13,200 yen, shirt 16,500 yen

About Goldwyn Play Earth Park Toyama

Goldwyn Play Earth Park Toyama is an event that creates a new relationship with nature and the environment through play based on the concept of “playing with the earth. The park will feature playground equipment based on the five elements of “earth,” “water,” “fire,” “wind,” and “sky,” creating a place where children’s curiosity can be piqued.


Collaboration Items
【Sales Period】 Saturday, July 23 – Sunday, August 14, 2022

【Event Period】 Saturday, July 23 – Sunday, August 14, 2022
【Location】 Tomiiwa Kansui Park, Toyama Prefecture
【Address】 1, Minato Irifune-cho, Toyama City, Toyama Prefecture
【Business Hour】 10:00 – 17:00
【Official Website】 https://playearthpark.goldwin.co.jp/