【Sup! Yokohama!】 A total of 29 kinds of baked sweet potatoes and a variety of sweet potato sweets and gourmet foods will be gathered at Sogo Yokohama Store! The 4th Imohaku will be held at Sogo Yokohama Store!

Sogo Yokohama will hold the “4th Imohaku (potato expo),” a gourmet event focusing on potatoes, from December 6 (Tuesday) to December 21 (Wednesday), 2022.

Sogo Yokohama’s famous “Imo (Potato) Expo” event

The “Imo Expo,” which has become a specialty event of Sogo Yokohama Store, is literally a gourmet event specializing in sweet potatoes. This year’s event, the fourth of its kind, will feature a variety of sweet potato sweets and gourmet foods, from baked sweet potatoes of various varieties to the latest sweet potato sweets and croquettes.

A total of 29 varieties of Yaki-imo (Baked Potato), with each variety having a different character.

Of particular note are the yaki-imo varieties, each of which has a different flavor. A total of 29 varieties of yaki-imo, including “Kogane-sengan,” “Silk Sweet,” and “Beniharuka,” can be enjoyed, ranging from lightly sweet and flaky to rich and sticky with honey.

A variety of sweet potato sweets and gourmet foods

The lineup also includes sweets and gourmet foods from sweets stores and specialty stores. For example, Tempura Motoyoshi imo, a sweet potato tempura specialty store owned by the famous Minami Aoyama restaurant Tempura Motoyoshi, offers “Shio-soft Maruju,” a sweet and salty sweet potato soft serve that is addictive. It is a simple yet deeply flavored sweet potato sweet that combines sweet potato tempura with milk soft serve ice cream kneaded with Noto Hamashio (Noto beach salt).

In addition, there will be a variety of other menu items, such as daikaimo (sweet potatoes) from “Oimoyasan Koshin,” a sweet potato confectionery specialty store, and croquettes made with the specialties of the “Croquette Club.


The 4th Imo-Haku (Potato Expo)

【Event Period】 Tuesday, December 6 – Wednesday, December 21, 2022
First half: Tuesday, December 6 – Tuesday, December 13
Second half: Tuesday, December 6 – Tuesday, December 13
【Venue】 Sogo Yokohama Store 8th Floor = Event Hall
*Doors close at 17:00 on December 13 (Tue.) and 21 (Wed.).
*Last order at the eat-in corner is one hour before closing each day.
*Products for sale differ in the first and second halves.
【Official Website】 https://www.sogo-seibu.jp/yokohama/