【Sup! Yokohama!】 Illumination “Ball Park Fantasia” from Hamasta to be held at Yokohama Stadium, Yokohama Park, and Nihon Odori Avenue

The illumination event “BALLPARK FANTASIA supported by Billboard Live YOKOHAMA” will be held at Yokohama Stadium, Yokohama Park and Nihon-Odori Avenue starting Saturday, December 3, 2022.

Yokohama Area Illumination “Ball Park Fantasia”

The “Ball Park Fantasia,” which will be held for the third time in 2022, is a large-scale illumination event with Yokohama Stadium, home of the Yokohama DeNA BayStars, as its main venue. The theme for 2022 is “Light and Music” and the stadium, Yokohama Park, and Nihon-Odori Avenue will be lit up and the surrounding area will be decorated with fantastic light.

Powerful Illumination Show at Yokohama Stadium

At Yokohama Stadium, the main venue, an illumination show will be held in which light installations will envelop the stadium to the accompaniment of original music. The stadium will be illuminated by colorful lasers installed throughout the stadium in every direction, and images and lights will also be projected onto a giant vision screen, creating a new sense of illumination that can only be enjoyed at a stadium.

In addition, a giant music turntable appears in the stadium during the daytime. Families of children and adults alike can enjoy the new musical experience of operating the giant turntable and playing sounds while moving their bodies.

Ginkgo trees in Yokohama Park & Nihon Odori Avenue are also lit up

Yokohama Park, where Yokohama Stadium is located, will be illuminated on its outer walls. During the illumination period, kitchen cars will be set up and events for parents and children will be held. The ginkgo trees lining Nihon Odori Avenue, which stretches in a straight line from the stadium, will also be lit up with brilliant lights, making the illumination a widely enjoyable event both inside and outside Yokohama Stadium.


BALLPARK FANTASIA supported by Billboard Live YOKOHAMA

【Event Period】
Yokohama Stadium In the Ground Saturday, December 3, 2022 – Sunday, December 11, 2022
Yokohama Park/Japan Avenue Saturday, December 3, 2022 – Sunday, December 25, 2022
【Admission Fee】 Free
【Official Website】 https://ballparkfantasia.com/