【Sup! Yokohama!】 Yokohama Bay Quarter is currently holding a Christmas illumination with “sparkling flowers” and an 8-meter high giant tree!

Yokohama Bay Quarter is currently holding the Christmas illumination event “Christmas Forest” until Sunday, December 25, 2022.

Christmas illumination with “twinkling flowers”

The Yokohama Bay Quarter Christmas illumination event will be held for the 17th time in 2022. This year’s theme is “Forest and Flower Garden,” and the main square on the third floor of Yokohama Bay Quarter will be decorated with “flower roofs” and “flower walls” hung with colorful bouquets of flowers. The event will create a festive Christmas mood.

At 16:00, the beautiful flowers are lit up. The gentle light envelops the venue, creating a romantic atmosphere that is different from that of the daytime.

8-meter-high Christmas tree

Also noteworthy is the annual Christmas tree made of 8-meter-high fir trees. At the base of the tree, decorated with colorful flowers and champagne gold lights, is an objet d’art of adorable animals living in the “Christmas Forest.


Christmas Illumination Event “Christmas Forest

【Event Period】 Saturday, November 5 – Sunday, December 25, 2022
【Location】 Yokohama Bay Quarter 3F Main Square
【Address】 1-10 Kinko-cho, Kanagawa-ku, Yokohama-shi, Kanagawa
【Hour】 11:00 – until the facility closes (until 23:00 as of mid-November 2022) *Lighting starts at 16:00
【Admission Fee】 Free
【Official Website】 https://www.yokohama-bayquarter.com/