【Sup! Yokohama!】 Yokohama’s largest illumination “Yokohama Miright 2022” has started!

The illumination event “Yokohama Miright 2022 – Illuminating Mirai, City of Light” will be held in the Minato Mirai area of Yokohama from November 10, 2022 (Thursday) to February 12, 2023 (Sunday).

Yokohama’s largest illumination “Yokohama Miright”

Approximately 500,000 LED lights covering a total length of 1.5 km

Yokohama Miright, one of Yokohama’s largest annual winter illumination events, will be expanded in 2022 to cover an even larger area than in previous years, with approximately 500,000 LED lights illuminating a 1.5-km stretch from the east exit of Yokohama Station to Sakura-dori Avenue and the Sailing Ship Nippon Maru.

Past “Plaza of Fine Arts” events

Street piano installed in the “Place des Beaux-Arts”

In addition, to commemorate the 5th anniversary of “Yokohama Miright,” a street piano has been installed on a trellis (pergola) in Grand Mall Park’s “Plaza of Fine Arts. Visitors can freely enjoy piano performances in a space decorated with fantastic illuminations, mainly in blue.

Street Piano Image

Outline of the event

Yokohama Mi-Light 2022: City of Light, Illuminating the Future

【Event Period】 Thursday, November 10, 2022 – Sunday, February 12, 2023
【Lighting Hour】 16:00 – 23:00
【Location】 From “Yokohama Station East Exit” to “Sakura Dori” (Mamirai Walk, Minatomirai Pedestrian Bridge, 53rd Street, Grand Mall Park Sailing Ship Nipponmaru, Sakura Dori)
*Lighting range and lighting hours are subject to change.
【Official Website】 https://ymm21-illumination.jp/