【SUSHI】”Natural tuna and spring delicious seafood” fair start from Apr. 10 @ Kappa Sushi


Kappa Sushi will be holding the “Natural tuna and spring delicious seafood” fair from April 10, 2019.

Natural Tuna!

The highlight of the fair is “natural tuna, Chu-toro”. In addition to the strong taste and deep taste, it’s an exquisite balance of fat and red meat, which melts out in a moment when it’s put in your mouth. Other than these, there is a natural proof “Natural tuna special red meat” with deep red body and “Natural tuna special red meat pickle” where the texture is soothing and delicious. You can enjoy the natural tuna in the lineup of four.

Spring Delicious Seafood!

You can enjoy a variety of seafood such as clams, natural bottle-long tuna, and toro (fatty) mackerel. The recommendation is a slightly unique creative sushi, “Shrimp made with black pepper fragrant mackerel and prosciutto ham”. It has an innovative taste of mackerel melted on the tongue and the harmony of raw ham with black pepper.

Sweets also available!

This year’s spring dessert has a new lineup of two sweets which is using fresh cream made from Hokkaido cream, and using pudding sanded with dough, “Nama dora pudding” and “Nama dora pudding black syrup” containing plump grains and azuki beans.

*Nama dora means Japanese style pancake