【Sushi! / Nationwide】Five kinds of luxurious three kinds Sushi Assort, total 15 Sushi, Only 950 yen (+tax) even if you eat all! Three kinds Sushi Assort festival will be held from 28th.


Three Kinds Sushi Assort Festival will be held at Akindo Sushiro for a limited time from February 28.

This time, five kinds of Three kinds Sushi Assort will be prepared so that you can enjoy all the popular ingredients.

Three kinds Sushi Assort Menu

“3 pieces of tuna”

300 yen + Tax

From Left, Fatty tuna, Medium‐fatty tuna , Lean

3 fresh prawns

300 yen + Tax

From left, Oversized jumbo red shrimp, Madagascar raw shrimp, natural raw shrimp

3 pieces of salmon

150 yen + Tax

From left, Jumbo salmon, grilled salmon, salmon

3 pieces of battleship roll

100 yen + Tax

From left, Green onion tuna, corn and tuna salad

3 pieces of shellfish

100 yen + Tax

From left, Red shellfish, steamed scallop, steamed scallop


Three kinds Sushi Assort festival

【Period】February 28 (Fri)-Ends as soon as sold out
【Store】Akindo Sushiro nationwide
【Price】100 yen + Tax-