【SUSHIRO】The GW Meat Festa will be held from April 24 for a limited time!


From April 24 (Wed), SUSHIRO broadens the range of sushi created and wants to delight customers, and the Sushiro who has become serious about meat will deliver “GW (Gatsuri Week) Meat Festa” will be held for a limited time at Sushiro nationwide this year.

*Gatsuri means firmly

Meat Festa!

【Japanese Black Fatty Beef】
300 yen (+tax)

“Kuroge Wagyu beef Toro” (Japanese Black Fatty Beef) which selected only the loaf of domestic Japanese black beef, put in a quick soak in the shop so that you can enjoy the new texture that can be loosened in the mouth, and you can feel the taste of fat at the moment of eating.

【Boneless Short Rib 】
150 yen (+tax)

Big enough to hide Shari (rice) “Boneless Short Rib” is an excellent item of fragrant aroma grilled with charcoal.

【Beef lean & crispy soy sauce】
100 yen (+tax)

“Beef lean & crispy soy sauce” is a crispy soy sauce with avocado on top of the roast beef that tastes like meat as it chews.

【Roast Beef Maze Soba】
380 yen (+tax)

A new product “Roast beef Maze soba” appears from the popular “Sushiya no Maze soba” series selling about 2 million meals in total.
*Maze Soba = mix noodle

If you want to eat meat, there are “Oiniku” (Add Meat) dishes!

Emergency notice! “Fukahire (Sharkfin)” finally appeared Sushiro

Sushiro “Kesennuma sherkfin stew” 300 yen (+ tax) using luxury “Fukahire (sharkfin)”, which is known as the first-class high-grade food in sushi history, will be released for three days from May 10.