【SUSHIRO】The last big release of Heisei Era! Six days of full power battle will be held!


Akindo Sushiro Co., Ltd. will be holding a large rebate fair for a total of 12 days from April 10 in Sushiro, entitled “The Last Release of the Heisei Era”.

1st Group of fair

“The last big release of Heisei Era! The first group of the 6 days ‘full power battle’ will be held from April 10th to the 15th, and heap power of sushi popular items such as “big-cut tuna”, “3 pieces of live oysters (boil, fresh, sweet shrimp)” and “a piece of live eel” such as “large-cut” “tenkomori (Spoonful)” representing the Heisei Era Provided.

2nd Group of fair

The second group will be held from April 16 to 21, and the momentum of the first team will be the same as “Double raw salmon”, “over-sized jumbo red shrimp”, and “Spoonful finely chopped Tuna toro”. Products are available that challenge the price limit.

New sweets from “Sushiro Cafe Club” also appeared from April 10 on the same day!

“Melty pudding Dorayaki” 230 yen (+ tax) is a new evolutionary sweet in appearance, and it’s a dream for sweets lovers who boldly sandwich the popular menu “Melty pudding” of Sushiro with skin of dorayaki It is a new product like.

“Matcha too much parfait” 280 yen (+ tax) is full-scale sweets using matcha of “Uji Marukyu Koyamaen” which is long-established Uji Matcha wholesaler of Kyoto founded in the former year. Because it uses two different types of ice cream, matcha mousse, and four different match teas from Matcha Warabimochi, it is possible to eat and compare them in one plate.