【Swiss Hotel Nankai Osaka】Thursday limited buffet has started.


On the 36th floor of Swiss hotel Nankai Osaka, “Tabora 36” offers a varied buffet of Japanese and Western dishes in the morning, day and night.
Such a variety of buffet powers up from March 2019, and the Swiss Buffet Night started on Thursday only.
There are no less than 60 varieties of traditional Swiss cuisine and cheese dishes, and the huge tart flambe (pizzas) served by two people will surely be a delightful dinner.

A storm impressed by Swiss cheese!

Swiss Hotel Nankai Osaka’s roots “Swiss” is, of course, the mainstay of the Swiss buffet night, cheese is of course.

Source : PR Times

Unusual cheeses that you can’t usually see easily line up on the buffet table. Gruyère cheese, which is cut into blocks, has a milky, rich flavor and is often used in cheese fondue in Switzerland. Appenzeller cheese, which has a long history among Swiss cheeses, has a unique flavor and taste that feels salty and works well with hard bread.

It’s Tete de Moanne cheese that is cut like a petal. This cheese is cut with a special tool to thin it and it’s very gorgeous when served.

The hot chocolate can be tasted very mild when it’s applied to Tete de Moanne cheese.
You will be surprised that it’s not sweet even though putting chocolate.

The raclette cheese popular in BBQ etc. is served by the chef himself.
It’s recommended to eat raclette cheese with boiled vegetables and meat, which will turn into fragrant and melted cheese by warming the cheese cut.

A large selection of Swiss and German traditional dishes.

As you enjoy your meal at the table, some people come with a large board.
The true identity of such a flower garden is a thin baked pizza called Tart flambe, which is eaten in France and Germany.

Even though it’s a pizza, unlike a pizza you usually eat, it’s a simple pizza
that just put on sour cream in a thin dough, topped with onions and ham, and baked.

Speaking of Switzerland, cheese fondue! But at the Swiss Buffet Night, a playful cheese fountain is set in the middle of the buffet terrace.

Appetizers and live stations are also rich in menus.

There are about 60 kinds of food and sweets on the buffet table, which is very colorful.

In the corner where salads and appetizers are lined, it’s lined such as raw ham, cheese salami, liver pate, stuffed swiss-style eggs with a little sweet taste are lined up with delicious things, whether you eat it as it is or cheese.

Curving homemade meatloaf wrapped eggs.

If you want to dine in a slightly rich mood, though, you can order a saute of foie gras with apple caramelize Brioche at the live station.

Sweets such as carrot cake and cheese cake are substantial.

Not only meal but also sweets are Swiss-style. Carrot cakes with cute carrots are rich in butter. There are also cup sweets with fondant chocolate and mousse, and fresh fruits.

Chocolate fountain using red and white Swiss chocolate, eat plenty of macaroons and dried fruits.

The menu changes depending on the season.

The best buffet while watching the night view!

The “Tabora 36” , ​​which hosts the Swiss Buffet Night, is located on the 36th floor of the Swisshotel Nankai Osaka. So you can enjoy gorgeous night view with great meals!

Buffet Information

Swiss Buffet Night at “Tabora 36” located at Swiss Hotel Nankai OSAKA

Period / March 7, 2019 to End of 2019
Hour / 18:00 to 22:00
Price / Adult: 5,500 yen, Child: 2,500 yen, (+Tax & Service)
Reservation / 06-6646-5125