【Taisho】Introducing POTALU, a kraft potato specialty store that opened in Tokyo’s TUBOAT-TAISHO!


At the Kraft Potato specialty store, POTALU, which opened in January 2020 at TUGBOAT TAISHO, we introduced three new sweet potato menu items called “Silk Sweet,” which is characterized by its silky, soft texture and sweetness! The sweet potato menu at this stylish restaurant is a must-see!

Kraft potato specialty store “POTALU”.

French fries are a favorite of everyone from children to adults. When it’s on the menu, you can’t help but ask for it. POTALU is a shop specializing in kraft potatoes with French fries as its main menu item.

Most French fries are enjoyed dip-style, but at Potalu, they are served with a special sauce. We use Belgian potatoes from Belgium. The crispy texture of the twice-fried dish goes well with the rich sauce. Also, it goes great with the best drinks such as “Lemonade”!

A new menu featuring the “Silk Sweet”

The new menu features a brand of sweet potatoes called “Silk Sweet”. Silk Sweet” is a cross between “Spring Kogane” which is characterized by its sweetness and “Benimasari” which has a moderately smooth texture, and has a sugar content of 8.8 degrees! The general sugar content of sweet potatoes is said to be around 7 degrees, so you will be surprised at how sweet they are!

1) Soft-serve ice crem

The thick soft-serve ice cream made with 100% Hokkaido milk (600 yen). The harmony of the two textures is sure to be addictive!

2) Honey Butter Potato

The Honey Butter Potato (500 yen) is a combination of original honey and butter made in a strawberry field, which is also used in the lemonade. The honey enhances the rich sweetness of the silky sweet and makes the sweetness spread throughout the mouth.

3) Cheese Gratin

The “Cheese Gratin” (600 yen) is a baked sweet potato made from silksweet potatoes and topped with a thick sweet potato paste and cheese. The salty taste of the cheese and the sweet potatoes go well together. You can feel the inherent sweetness of the sweet potato.



【Address】1-1-14 Sangenya-Nishi, Taisho-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka
【Closest Station】Taisho Station on the JR and Osaka Metro Nagahori Tsurumi-ryokuchi Line
【Hour】[Weekdays] 16:00-23:00 [Sat, Sun, Holiday] 11:00-23:00
【Regular Holiday】NO