【Takaida Store, Namba Midosuji Store, Nagao Store】Osaka Ohsho to sell takeout and delivery-only products for a limited time from June 11 (Thursday).


The gyoza specialty restaurant “Osaka Ohsho” started to sell new takeout/delivery-only products for a limited period of time from Thursday, June 11, in order to deliver a super energetic and exciting food experience to your dining table at home.

13 menus

The items on sale include: super garlic kalbi fried rice, liver and chives yakisoba, Garlic Hui Kho Lo, Mapo Liver Tofu, Spicy Moosillo, Civikara Mapo Tofu, Burn! fried liver, fried rice with increased garlic, fried garlic, fried noodles with garlic leeks and salt, green vegetables There are a total of 13 dishes: garlic stir-fry, meat-strike fried noodles, and meat-strike black fried rice. You can go out to eat, but you might as well eat at home!

Super Garlic Kalbi Fried Rice

Product name: “Super Garlic Kalbi Fried Rice
Price: 991 yen + tax
Product features: The beef ribs are grilled with special garlic sauce and the garlicky fried rice is a perfect match.

Product name: Levanilla (liver and leek) yakisoba
Price: ¥760 + tax
Product features: The popular fried noodles with garlic and thick, sticky noodles are both served at the same time.

Product name: Garlic Hoiko-ro (Twice cooked pork)
Price: 723 yen + tax
Product features: Garlic is added to the standard Hui Cao roe for a punchy product.

Product name: “Mapo liver tofu
Price: 686 yen + tax
Product features: The richness of dubanjang (Chinese hot pepper) and Sichuan peppercorns with a dash of liver.

Product name: “Spicy Musillo”.
Price: 639 yen + tax
Product features: Moochilo with a fluffy egg and crunchy komatsuna greens, with the addition of rich and spicy soy sauce.

Product name: Shivikara (2 spiced) Mapo Tofu
Price: 650 yen + tax
Product features: Specially made spicy sauce and Sichuan peppercorns with a numbing spiciness make this a must-have dish for those who love spicy food.

Product name: “Burn!” Fried liver with spicy sauce
Price: 686 yen + tax
Product features: This is an excellent product with a spicy garlic and bean sauce added to the popular fried lebanilla.

Product name: Garlic Fried Rice with Masimashi (with increased volume)
Price: 695 yen + tax
Product features: Fried rice with garlic sprouts, fried garlic, and grated garlic to give you stamina.

Product name: Fried Garlic
Price: 630 yen + tax
Product features: Special features: garlic-flavored fried food with special garlic sauce.

Product name: Garlic Negi Shio Yakisoba (Garlic, Leeks and salt fried noodle)
Price: 686 yen + tax
Product features: This is a hearty dish of yakisoba (noodle) made with our sticky thick noodles, sliced garlic, lots of green onions and pork.

Product name: Stir-fried greens and garlic
Price: 454 yen + tax
Product features: The crunchy texture of fried greens is irresistible and the addition of chopped garlic gives this dish a great punch.

Product name: Nitsuji Yakisoba
Price: 797 yen + tax
The product features: Yakisoba made with our signature thick, sticky noodles and plenty of pork.

Product name: “Black Fried Rice for the Meat Monster”.
Price: 797 yen + tax
The product features: The pork is tenderly fried in special sauce, and the black fried rice is a perfect match for the richness of the pork.


Take-out and delivery-only products

【Sales Period】For a while after June 11 (Thu), 2020
【Store】Takaida Store, Namba Midosuji Store, Nagao Store