【Takashimaya, OSAKA】”Tanba large grain black soybeans Daifuku fair” will be held from April 12 to May 12 in limited quantities.


April 12 – May 12 at the Takashimaya Osaka store, titled “Tanba large grain black soybeans Daifuku Fair” and using “Tanba large grain black soybeans Daifuku” using the king of black soybeans “Tanba black” and ” Tanba-produced large-grain black beans matcha Daifuku will be sold in limited quantities.

What’s “Tanba black soybeans”?

Black beans are a type of soybean, and are also called black soybeans and grape beans. The skin of beans contains anthocyanin pigment, so it has a bright black color. The nutritional ingredients are almost the same as normal soybeans, but the purple color of polyphenols is dark and looks black.

Among the black beans, those produced in the mountains around Shinoyama City, Hyogo Prefecture and around Kyo-tanba-cho Kyoto are called “Tanba Black Soybeans”.

Unlike ordinary black beans, it has the following features.

1) Grain is large

2) Elegant color, gloss

3) Distinctive texture with a strong taste

A very valuable opportunity!

Tanba Black is not produced in large quantities because it takes time to grow and requires manual maintenance. It’s a chance to eat Daifuku using such Tanba Black!


“Tanba large grain black bean Daifuku fair”

Period / April 12 to May 12
Location / Takashimaya OSAKA, Ground floor
Japanese-style cake shop “Nakajima Daishodo”

Takashimaya Osaka Store Limited / Limited Period / Limited Item

Tanba large grain black soybeans Daifuku
500 yen (+tax)

It’s simple but luxury Daifuku that Saltiness of Tanba Black and sweetness of Koshian made only with Tanba Black.

Tanba large grain black soybeans Matcha Daifuku
500 yen (+tax)

The Matcha mousse complements the saltiness of Tanba black and the sweetness of Koshian made only with Tanba’s azuki beans.