【Tenma】10 great lunch recommendations! I’m going to show you the best places to go!

Continuing from yesterday, today we’re going to introduce the Tenma area again! We’re going to introduce the best lunches around Tenma/Ogimachi station! This time, we will introduce a wide range of recommended restaurants, including Japanese restaurants, curry restaurants, and stylish restaurants. I’ll introduce you to some of the best places to visit, so check it out!

① It warms your mind and body. Brown rice lunch, “Umikaji.”

First of all, I would like to introduce “Umikaji (Sea Breeze)”. Normally it is read as “Umikaze”, but in this shop, it is read as “Umikaji”. We recommend this restaurant for those who want to eat organic Japanese food. At lunchtime, the restaurant is full of businessmen and health-conscious women, but the turnover rate is fairly fast, so don’t give up and wait.

Daily special brown rice meal
800 yen

The main course of the brown rice set meal is a daily special. The main dish at this time was tender eggplant and hamachi simmered in the countryside. It’s a great way to get to know each other. The restaurant’s brown rice is made from nutrient-rich, completely pesticide-free rice cooked in a pressure cooker and earthenware pot, so it’s sticky and sweet! If you’re tired of eating and drinking too much, you might want to try this lunch.



【Location】3-9-20 Tenjinbashi, Kita-ku, Osaka City
【Hour】11:00 – 20:00 (L.O. 19:00)
【Regular Holiday】Sunday & National Holiday

② A stylish udon shop! “ASURO”

Next, I’ll introduce you to “Asuro”, a stylish udon shop near Ogimachi Station. It has a clean exterior, making it easy for a woman to enter. The restaurant is as stylish as a café, but it also offers a variety of services that are child-friendly, including baby chairs.

Tori Ten, Tai Chikuwa Ten & Onsen Tamago no Bukkake
(Tori-ten, sea bream chikuwa-ten and hot spring egg on top Udon)
950 yen

This is an udon that is recommended on the menu. The first thing that surprised me was the beauty and shine of the udon. It can be described as “Beautiful Naudon-san”. It goes into your mouth smoothly, but when you bite into it, the noodles are very elastic and firm, and the oil from the tempura and the soup stock are very good! The big, warm tori-ten and chikuwa-ten are not only crispy but also delicious.



【Location】Matisse Building 1F, 3-8-3 Tenjinbashi, Kita-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka
【Hour】11:00 – 16:00 (It will close when the noodles run out.)
【Regular Holiday】Thursday, 2nd and 4th Wednesday

③ It’s also great for dates. This is the place for a rewarding lunch! “ONZORO”

This is “ONZORO.” where you can enjoy wonderful French cuisine in a casual atmosphere. This is the perfect restaurant for those who want to chat and enjoy an elegant lunch!

Prix fixe lunch with a choice of appetizers and mains
2,000 yen –

Great homemade food that makes the most of the ingredients. What could this be? I’m intrigued by the stylish ingredients that make me want to ask myself, “What’s this? Course includes soup, homemade bread and drinks. Choose your favorite appetizer and main dish from the menu. The desserts are also very tasty, so if you have a lot of room in your stomach, be sure to choose a course that includes dessert!



【Location】Yoriki-cho Sky Heights #101, 3-10-8 Tenjinbashi, Kita-ku, Osaka City
【Hour】[Thursday – Monday](Closed on Wednesday at lunch time) 11:30 – 15:00 (13:30L.O.)
 [Wednesday ~ Monday] 18:00~23:00(22:00L.O)
【Regular Holiday】Tuesdays and Wednesdays at lunchtime, and other unspecified holidays.

④ It’s addictive. authentic Indian curry, “BINDU”

BINDU is located about a 7-minute walk from Ogimachi Station. There is a shop on the basement floor of the building.

A Set
880 yen

Salad, choice of curry, naan or rice, and drink. On this day, I chose the butter chicken curry.
It’s not a unique taste, but a mild, richly delicious taste. At first glance, it looks like it’s not much, but it’s just the right amount, and oh my! You can eat all-you-can-eat naan at lunch time, so even if you eat a lot, there is no problem. At lunchtime (around 12:00), there are a lot of businessmen nearby, but the shop rotates quickly, so be sure to wait a bit.



【Location】Taiyuji-cho Building B1F, 2-17 Taiyuji-cho, Kita-ku, Osaka City
【Hour】11:00~15:00(L.O.14:30) / 17:00~22:00(L.O.21:30)
【Regular Holiday】No holiday. Open 365 day!

⑤ How about the day after a hangover? Japanese Lunch, “izakaya HOME”

Enjoy fresh fish, teppanyaki and creative cuisine at izakaya HOME. If you are looking for a heartwarming Japanese food and healthy food, this is the place to go!

Three kinds of set meal with sashimi.
880 yen

What a healthy set meal…! Even if you’re tired or have a hangover, you can eat it in the blink of an eye.

Today’s Teppan-yaki set meal.
880 yen

The teppanyaki of the day was the sea bream! The paper-wrapped snapper appeared hokey! In addition, you can enjoy a set meal made with fresh fish, a healthy Hida beef steak that is low in fat, local sake, and a variety of drinks with it. You’ll have to go eat to see what’s on offer!


Izakaya Home

【Location】Togano Building 1F, 3-19 Usigano-cho, Kita-ku, Osaka City
【Hour】[Lunch] 11:30~14:00(L.O.13:30) / Dinner] 17:30~23:30(L.O. 23:00)
<Sunday>[Lunch] None. / [Dinner] 16:00~23:30(L.O.23:00)
【Regular Holiday】Wednesday

⑥ Established in 1973! long-established okonomiyaki, “Sougetsu”

Sougetsu” is a long-established restaurant established in 1973 in the Tenjinbashi 3-chome Suji Shopping Arcade. It is a restaurant that is loved by men and women of all ages for its unchanging taste. Speaking of Tenma, it is not an exaggeration to say that this place is called Sougetsu.

Buta-tama (Pork)
810 yen

There is a wide variety of okonomiyaki including squid & pork, squid & shrimp, squid & meat, squid, pork, shrimp, sirloin, mix, delux okonomiyaki, etc. You can get a large serving for 280 yen. If you want to enjoy okonomiyaki with stability and a long history, this is the place to go!



【Location】3-9-9 Tenjinbashi, Kita-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka
【Hour】[Mon-Fri] 11:30~14:30 / 17:00~(L.o.20:30)
[Sat, Sun, Holiday] 11:30~15:00 / 16:00~(L.o.20:00)
【Regular Holiday】No scheduled holiday

⑦ It’s also great for a girls’ party! stylish lunch, “Pasticceria Amarena”

Amarena” has been loved for a long time in Ashiya where there are many luxury houses. Amarena has moved to a new location in Tenjinbashi-suji shopping arcade and is now open! The first floor is a café and the second floor is a restaurant, and the first floor serves Italian dolce.

Bolognaise pasta with French bolognaise pork
800 yen

Salad & Drink Set
+ 200 yen

The pasta offered is a bit compact in size. However, the noodles are quite sticky and heavy. It was originally an Italian dolce shop, so it’s just the right amount considering that you can even eat dessert. So, after lunch, it’s time to go to the first floor for a cafe! It might be a good idea to do something like that.


Pasticceria Amarena

【Location】4-7-7 Tenjinbashi, Kita-ku, Osaka City
【Hour】11:00 – 19:00
【Regular Holiday】Tuesday

⑦ No stomach straining!? Hamburger shop where a good place not many people know about! “THE MUNCHIES BURGER WORKS”

THE MUNCHIES BURGER WORKS is located on the second floor of the building next to the udon shop ASURO (②). The location is called like There’s a hamburger place in the middle of nowhere! When you go up the stairs, you will find a stylish space inside the shop. It’s like a little hideaway and it’s very exciting.

Teriyaki cream cheese burger
1150 yen

The combination of teriyaki and cream cheese is the best. The patty has a lumpy and distinctive texture. Not too soft, not too hard, just the right bite, and delicious! It looks so bad, but somehow it doesn’t make me feel bloated even after I finish it. A hamburger can be quite filling, can’t it? However, I could easily eat another one.



【Location】2F, 3-8-2 Tenjinbashi, Kita-ku, Osaka City
【Hour】11:00 – 18:30
【Regular Holiday】No scheduled holidays

⑧ Meat and pasta lunch near the station, “the PASTA&GRILL’S”

“THE PASTA & GRILLS” is located only 30 seconds from Tenma Station. As the name suggests, this is a restaurant where you can enjoy pasta and meat. The restaurant has a bright and stylish atmosphere. From moms with kids to businessmen, this is a place where people from all walks of life can enjoy lunch on their own.

Pasta Lunch
900 yen –

The pasta lunch with a choice of sauces comes with a salad and a bucket. The pasta is glutinous and raw! Please eat it while it’s still hot.



【Location】4-2-8 Tenjinbashi, Kita-ku, Osaka City
【Hour】[Lunch] 11:30~14:30 / [Dinner} 17:00~24:00(L.O. 23:00)
【Regular Hoiday】No scheduled holidays

⑨ Spicy curry at a good place not many people know about♪ “NAMPRY CURRY

The last one we’ll show you is a popular curry shop. NAMPRY CURRY is located in the Matsu Food Center in Tengo Yokocho! It is a restaurant that serves curry only for lunch at the Uma Torah Tengo restaurant, a yakitori restaurant that is open at night. Yes, this is a curry shop in the know! Is the entrance… here? I was worried about it, but when I entered, it was a lovely cafe like shop.

Two kinds of curry
950 yen

The stylish spice curry will look great in your photos! But of course, that’s not all. The chicken keema has a spicy taste that comes over you later. The more you bite into it, the more you can taste the deep taste of burdock. On the other hand, the coconut curry with a slightly different taste is mild, creamy and sweet. You can enjoy two types of curry at once without being too spicy, this spice curry was born in Osaka.



【Location】Ichimatsu Shokuhin Center, 5-6-23 Tenjinbashi, Kita-ku, Osaka
【Hour】[Mon- Thu] 11:00 – 14:00
【Regular Holiday】Wednesday & Sunday

In conclusion

Did you like it? There are many more delicious restaurants in Tenma and Ogimachi area than introduced here! If you have the time, try to find a shop other than the one introduced here, it might be a memorable trip!