【Tenma / Imperial Hotel Osaka】 The “Strawberry Sweets Buffet” will start on January 12 for a limited time only!


The Imperial Hotel Osaka will hold a “Strawberry Sweets Buffet” from January 12 (Tue) to May 31 (Mon), 2021.

The “Strawberry Sweets Buffet”

The “Strawberry Sweets Buffet” features a carefully selected lineup of the most popular strawberry sweets that the Imperial Hotel has ever offered. The buffet also includes light meals such as salads and sandwiches, so you can enjoy a total of 36 different dishes.

The “Strawberry Mont Blanc” is a Mont Blanc cream made from Japanese chestnut paste with fresh strawberries. The “Three Strawberry Tasting Comparison”, which features different varieties of strawberries, allows you to directly enjoy the deliciousness of strawberries in season.

In addition, there will be a lineup of the hotel’s signature strawberry sweets, such as the “Millefeuille Chocolate Fraise,” a crispy pie sandwiched with strawberry-flavored milk chocolate ganache, and the traditional Imperial Hotel strawberry shortcake.

There will also be food using strawberries, such as “Strawberry and colorful vegetable salad” and “Strawberry and small shrimp cocktail Camellia style”. In addition, the restaurant will also offer hearty dishes such as the chef’s special recommendation penne and keema curry pizza, which will be served weekly.


The “Strawberry Sweets Buffet”

【Period】 Jan 12 (Tue) – May 31 (Mon), 2021
【Place】 Buffet & Lounge “The Park” (1st floor)
【Address】 1-8-50, Tenmabashi, Kita-ku, Osaka City, Osaka
【Hour】 Weekdays 14:00 – 17:00, Sat, Sun, Holiday (2-part system) 11:30 – 14:30/14:00 – 17:00
*10 people each at 15-minute intervals on all days. / *2 hours per time
【Price】 Adults: 5,800 yen (tax included), Children (4-12 years old): 2,900 yen (tax included)
*Includes soft drinks. *Service charge included.
【Reservation】 06-6881-4888 or Online

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