【Tenma, Utsubo-Honmachi, Umeda】Photojournalism! How about the “too delicious” white peach sweets at JTRRD?


JTRRD, a café popular for its too-beautiful smoothies, is now offering tarts and floats made with white peaches! Let’s check out the “too delicious” white peach sweets series.

What is the popular café “JTRRD”?

JTRRD is a café that offers a wide variety of sweets in a variety of colors, including artistically designed smoothies, based on the concept of sharing beauty and art through what you take in with your body. In addition to the Tenjinbashi main store, we have four stores in Osaka and one in Kyoto and Hyogo.

More white peach sweets are on the way!

The hot topic of the moment, JTRRD, is offering new sweets that use white peaches. The lineup includes the “White Peach Bombon Smoothie” (1320 yen (tax included), which is adorned with raspberries, banana, pineapple and milk, as well as the “White Peach Smoothie Float” (770 yen (tax included), which is a creamy mixture of white peaches, yogurt and rich vanilla ice cream.

The “Marugoto White Peach Tart” (990 yen (tax included)), a crunchy tart dough with whole white peaches on it, and the “White Peach Squash” (440 yen (tax included)), which is made with syrup from white peach compote and has a natural, refreshing taste.

Enjoy the fresh peaches with your tongue and eyes!


New sweets using “white peaches” by JTRRD

【Sales Period】July 1 – Mid-August
【Store】Tenmabashi Main Store, Keihan City Mall Tenmabashi Store, Utsubo Honmachi Store, Daimaru Umeda Store,